Man posing with a LEGO model of a small city

Wani Kim

Based in Korea

Wani Kim, the first Korean LEGO® Certified Professional, has played with LEGO sets since 2000.

He established the Korean fan site named Brickinside in 2000 to share his knowledge of LEGO sets with other LEGO fans in Korea, and has been leading AFOLs’ creative activities in his country. In addition, since 2013, Wani Kim has collaborated with LEGO Korea to hold the annual Brickorea Convention.

In 2008, Wani assembled team OliveSeon. They have since built many large-scale and well-known diorama creations made with LEGO bricks.

Wani is especially very passionate about making diorama works but also enjoys building a wide variety of models such as sculptures. He also accepts commission works.