Man posing with a LEGO model of a large space rocket

Robin Sather

Based in Canada

Robin started collecting, playing, and building with LEGO® bricks as a very young boy and never really stopped. Eventually, he found the LEGO Fan Community, and has been actively involved for over 20 years. In 2005, Robin helped to create and develop the LEGO Certified Professional program, as well as the LEGO Ambassador program.

Robin’s company, Brickville DesignWorks, uses LEGO bricks and products to produce events, exhibits, custom creations, and educational opportunities for kids of all ages. Robin’s exhibits have toured prominent Canadian science centres and museums, and have featured giant dinosaurs, a huge Egyptian sphinx, fantastic castles, and much more. He has made national television appearances, and his work has been featured extensively online and in print.

Robin enjoys all aspects of building, but especially likes developing castle, pirate, and other historically themed creations. Robin loves telling stories, and LEGO bricks are his favourite medium.