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Build & Talk  ​

LEGO® activities to help you talk to your child about digital safety and wellbeing

Try our Screen Time adventure

Take your child on an adventure in the online world, with our new story-style activity. As you read the story out loud, your child is encouraged to build an imaginary LEGO creature. Meanwhile, you’ll find conversation starters about things like how to balance time online with other activities and the importance of taking regular breaks.

Before you start, why not refresh your knowledge?

A tablet with a LEGO creature and bricks all around it

Check out our False Information Online activity

This fun, interactive adventure helps you and your child talk about the importance of thinking critically about the information and people you come across online. While your child enjoys building an imaginary LEGO character, handy question prompts help you chat about topics like how to know whether something is fake or fact and how misinformation can spread online.

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How it works

  • small LEGO critter with a device in hand on the sofa, larger critter talking

    Easy to start

    Open the activity on your tablet or phone (a bigger screen will be better). Grab your LEGO bricks and find a comfy, quiet place to sit together.

  • two LEGO critters building together

    Just follow the story

    Read the story aloud to your child. You’ll find guidance on what they need to build as you go along.

  • LEGO critters sitting together on a sofa, talking

    Start talking

    ​Use the suggested questions and conversation prompts to start chatting about digital safety and wellbeing.

LEGO builds standing in front of a phone and a tablet

More Build & Talk activities

Our collection of fun, free Build & Talk activities give you the tools to have relaxed conversations with your kids about life online, over some LEGO building. As your child gets creative you can break the ice about important online safety topics like managing screen time and avoiding scammers or bullies.