Having a Fabulab day

To create, we need to imagine. To imagine we need to have fun. To have fun, we need to play. And to play? We need a Fabulab day.
Behind the Bricks Fabulab cover

Kids can tell when their toys are made with passion. Right from the moment it’s created, we want every single LEGO® brick to be filled with fun, passion and creativity.

We’ve created Fabulab, a universal day held each month across all of our offices where our Product Marketing Development teams get together to develop their skills, work on passion projects, and learn from fellow LEGO people. It’s a day of awesome inventions and creativity - and a fair few laughs.

Since starting back in 2018, we’ve seen a whole range of activities, such as:

  • Inspirational speakers visiting LEGO Campus in Billund to talk about innovation and eco-systems.
  • Our Product Technology team built and competed in a LEGO style Robot Wars, using just the starter kits. They brick crunched, customised and built their way to victory.
  • We’ve seen members of our London hub come together to explore exhibitions in the London Science Museum. Pre-lockdown, of course.
  • Team walk where the BBC Studios Digital team came in to give our Product & Marketing Development department and Social team a talk on what they do.
  • Team challenges where we partnered up people from separate teams and challenged them to make Brickheadz of someone they’ve never met before.
  • Drawing workshops to help turn our teams into their very own Picasso

But it’s not all about grand talks and meeting new people. Some people enjoy just taking the day to read a book, to learn new skills or start a creative project. Whether it’s creating a line of jewellery purely from LEGO bricks, crafting headpieces, or even a team day out to exhibitions, it’s a day for awesomeness.

We asked Mette Falkenløve, Senior Director in Product & Marketing Development to describe Fabulab: “A day to explore what we are passionate about and help us become more playful and have more fun in our daily jobs, to express our creativity more freely, inspire each other, and learn as we play."

Our people make it count

Whilst Fabulab is a worldwide day in Product & Marketing Development organisation at the LEGO Group, it’s our people that really make it count. They’re the driving force behind our day of creativity. We’re seeing teams across all offices come together to explore, innovate and play. Our awesome people are getting more motivated, more inspired, and are creating some exciting toys for kids around the world to play with.

Jason Zapantis, Designer from our LEGO® Star Wars™ speaks about his experience with Fabulab days: “It allows me to explore different ideas outside of my team, which can lead to concepts to pitch in creative boost weeks. It’s also fun to be able to just try something new regularly."

Whether it’s crafting your next art instalment or learning a new skill, Fabulab is an opportunity for our people to grow and develop together.

If you’d like to join a team with creativity, fun and learning at its heart, then discover how you can fit in at the LEGO Group.