A diverse and inclusive workplace

A diverse group of LEGO minifigures

We’re committed to building a diverse organisation with a unique sense of belonging to reach and inspire every child in the world.

We work with a broad definition of diversity, from gender, ethnicity, background and experience to other dimensions such as lifestyle and family responsibilities. Our goal is to increase the representation of all dimensions to reflect the increasingly diverse and global marketplace we operate in.

Diversity depends on inclusion. Inclusion starts with creating a safe space and helping everyone be seen, heard, valued and respected. The more inclusive we are, the better we will be at developing and empowering everyone to contribute at their full potential.

A little builder proudly holding her LEGO creation

Our future includes everyone

At the LEGO Group, we believe children are our role models. We look to them for inspiration every day and want to help them break down gender stereotypes and create opportunities for everyone. We must continue to play our part in building a more inclusive world, starting with our own organisation.

Our priorities and commitments

We work with two global priorities: valuing differences and improving representation. The first priority speaks to our commitment to building inclusive behaviours while our priority on improving representation addresses the need to continue to improve our processes and ways of working to ensure equal opportunities for all.
“The children who will be the leaders and the problem solvers of tomorrow will be as diverse as the ideas, thoughts and the skills they possess. We will do all we can to empower every child to reach their potential and create experiences that allow diverse people to thrive and impact our culture positively." Chief Marketing Officer Julia Goldin