Natural History Museum

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A set of historic proportions

Discover the first-ever museum to join the Modular Buildings collection. Home to an array of brick-built exhibits, it features dual skylights that allow light to permeate the building’s two levels, illuminating the towering brachiosaurus skeleton and collection of treasures within.
Visit the Modular Buildings collection to see how the neighbourhood has grown

Explore the treasures inside

Curator's office

Private -- Staff access only!

Astronomy exhibits

Count the planets in our solar system.

Ancient artefacts

Explore elements from past LEGO® sets

A galaxy view

See the stars through the telescope.

Fully compatible

Snaps into place to make a street scene.

Window washer

Based on a real LEGO® designer.

Build and explore the exhibits, along with seven minifigures and a playful pup

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