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Who you are matters to us at the LEGO Group. So you can count on your voice being heard. One of the most important ways you can do this is via our Colleague Advocacy Groups. We’ve already explored the stories of the groups representing Women and People of Colour. This time, we’re shining a spotlight on our Timeless Builders.

Joanna, Sandra and Zita are all involved with Timeless Builders, our Age community group. Here’s what they have to say about why this is important for the business and what it means to them personally.


Joanna Scott is a Global Project Manager for Child Safeguarding in Talent, based in the London Hub. She’s not only a founding member of the group but also its current Chair:

“We’re a naturally collaborative culture that thrives on open-minded curiosity. Encouraging intergenerational connections and understanding between colleagues at all ages and stages of their careers is part of that. It’s healthy to bust myths about different age groups in the workplace. Bringing people together in this way helps us to do that.

“This year, to celebrate International Age Diversity Day 2023, we’re sharing our favourite myth-busting quotes and soundbites from colleagues across different generations from around the globe.

“One of the things I’m proudest of is the Menopause Programme. It’s a first for the business and it was largely the result of an informal conversation between the Age group and the Diversity & Inclusion team. We’ve given a voice and a platform to a key topic that has now been adopted and championed by the Executive Leadership Team as part of a pilot.”


Across the pond in Enfield, Connecticut, Sandra Kanigowski became involved in the group during mid-2021. She’s a Customer Support Coordinator and proudly represents the Baby Boomer Generation.

“Everyone learns from one another. The aim here is to create a safe space to share strengths within each generational group. Both personally and professionally, I’ve gained an understanding that age can impact style in both written and verbal communication.

“Going forward, I‘d like to see more emphasis on what ‘mature’ associates contemplating retirement can do to plan for life after work. Not just financially but in other areas as well: establishing hobbies, making friends as adults, moving physically to a new/smaller home, and options for healthcare or Medicare as it is in the US. It can be a very confusing time with so much change happening at once.

“As we all learn how to listen more effectively and grow together, the business will remain one of the most admired companies in the world. Only when we acknowledge our differences - and find a way to use the best in each of us - can we sustain growth and relevancy in an ever-changing world.”


Zita Lengyelné Rádi is a Senior NPI Coordinator supporting Nyíregyháza Manufacturing based in Hungary. She’s keen to emphasise the freedom of expression the group gives her:

“Just imagine being yourself without expectations. Curiosity motivated me to join Timeless Builders and it was a great decision to join. We’ve managed to create a safe space for open and honest age-related discussions. Sharing experiences in this way is how we build a more inclusive workplace. The values of our Leadership Playground behaviours are reflected in all initiatives, colleagues need to be brave to share their perspectives on sensitive topics.”

Quotes from the community

While the group continues to go from strength to strength, there’s always room for more perspectives. Whatever you bring, wherever you’d like to explore, you can look forward to a warm welcome from everyone.

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