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To be a genuinely inclusive workplace, you also have to be a wholly accessible one. Many of our colleagues know this only too well. Some have a disability themselves. Others have experience of one as a parent or ally. Either way, the people in our Accessibility Colleague Advocacy Group bring their insights to drive change for the better, so anyone can make the most of their difference.


Rachelle Denton is Head of Social Strategy at our London Hub. She has ADHD and is mum to an autistic child who also has ADHD.

“Not everyone is comfortable sharing their accessibility needs in the workplace. Which is why I believe passionately in the importance of role models to advocate for all. Some accessibility needs might not be visible. So one of our goals is to create awareness of others’ needs. This will help to ensure we operate an inclusive workplace.

“I’ve recently joined the group as our London representative. It’s been great to speak with everyone from young visitors and recruitment to creatives and senior leadership about accessibility, especially when it comes to neurodiversity.”

EAG Ilona

Ilona Ruzsinszky-Takács is facing similar challenges being a mum of an autistic child. She leads the Quality and Environment Health and Safety team in Nyíregyháza, Hungary.

“I take every chance to advocate for equity and disability inclusion. It is a tragic waste of potential not to recognise the unique value of disabled and neurodiverse individuals. I’m proud to be the Chairperson for the Global Accessibility Advocacy Group, as well as the team leader for our Local Diversity Task Force in Hungary.

“Our group is a safe space for people to share their experiences. We’re lucky to have members with experience of a broad range of disabilities and neurodivergence. It’s a chance for us to learn about each other's needs and challenges.

“This means we can educate ourselves, as well as share what we know with the wider LEGO teams colleagues. Through our Six Bricks Inclusion programme, we reached over 3,000 colleagues in four countries. We’re looking to expand this further globally, so even more can learn about disabilities and how to treat disabled colleagues respectfully.

"Additionally we are launching In cooperation with a Community Engagement program for children, so they have a chance to learn and experience Six Bricks Inclusion.This can be great help parents, like me ,who are working hard In getting their special needs child Integrated to school and society."

EAG Agnes

Environment, Health & Safety Senior Engineer, Ágnes Nyuzó, also works in Nyíregyháza. She starts by telling us about the importance of acceptance.

“Acceptance focuses on strengths rather than differences. It’s how we show that we genuinely care and we are driven to help make a difference, where problem-solving is concerned. I hope all of our LEGO® colleagues join us on our journey for a better and more accepting workplace for everyone.

“There are many awareness months and events aimed at educating people around various disabilities. This is a vital step forward as it promotes understanding and compassion.”

EAG Sandra

In Spain, Digital Marketing Manager, Sandra Aline Saillen, explains how a hereditary condition left her with hearing loss since the age of 16:

“I’ve been wearing hearing aids on both ears for the last 10 years. Due to my personal condition, I try to advocate as much as I can about accessibility. The LEGO Group is a great employer who has always been very accommodating. I can work as any other colleague does.

“The group has a great sense of community and gives me lots of support and useful tools. It’s also very effective in raising awareness around accessibility and how it impacts all of us.

“I understand there are lots of issues around D&I but what I suggest to people is this: give what time and energy you can to learn, share or participate as appropriate. If we all do something, little by little, we’ll move towards equality for everyone.”


The Co-Lead for the Americas group is Consumer Services Advisor, Tessa Fronzaglio. She tells us her involvement stems from a deep-rooted passion for social justice, inclusivity, and well-being. She’s also keen to share how links beyond the business are helping:

“We‘ve struck up partnerships with several non-profit organisations, such as The Asperger/ Autism Network and the National Alliance on Mental Illness. The Department of Aging and Disability Services have also guided us in rich and productive conversations for anyone to attend. This type of collaboration brings value by creating a more holistic and inclusive work culture.

“Several Disability Rights activists have attended our virtual events focused on allyship, etiquette and inclusion. None of this would have been possible without the support of our amazing Diversity & Inclusion team, fellow Colleague Advocacy Groups and Alexis Lord Voss in Procurement.”

EAG Maria

Some members of the group support it because they see the fundamental importance of inclusion. Like Maria Quiñones, our Business Controller for France Iberia:

“The Accessibility Colleague Advocacy Group has some amazing objectives and has the potential to create a huge impact - both within the business and on society. I think it reflects our values in what it does. Being curious and brave, to learn more about each other and our differences but also what makes us all equal.

“It’s enabled me to connect with different people and learn much more about this topic. It’s opened my mind and inspired me to be part of making change happen.”

EAG Pedro

We’ll leave the final words to one of the groups newest members. Pedro Alejandro Yang is a Programme Specialist at the LEGO Foundation in Billund. He’s passionate about driving internal initiatives to enrich everyone’s journey within the business:

“When we learn to appreciate what makes each of us unique and accommodate them, we create a culture of respect leading to productive collaboration that help us build a balance of professional goals and intrinsic rewards.

“Just imagine working for a company that really appreciates the strength that diversity brings. Fun and play are part of what we do here. It’s important that we do this together. This is how we’ll inspire the builders of tomorrow.”

Our Accessibility Advocacy Group has an exciting agenda. Make sure you stay tuned over the coming months to hear updates from the group.

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