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LEGO® play is for everyone, and so is our workplace. We believe people are at their very best when they feel able to fully be themselves and our Colleague Advocacy Groups play a major role in helping to make this happen at the LEGO Group. This week, we’re going to hear from some of our Rainbow Builders who represent our LGBTQIA+ colleague led community group.

Our guides for this tour are Finance Director, Mazen and Associate Content Manager, Sarah, based in our London Hub. Design Manager, Jules, in Billund. Singapore-based Jeremy who works as Sr. Regional Sales Manager and finally our Mexican colleague, Roberto who’s a Sr. Manager for LEGO® Certified Stores in Latin America.


Mazen is one of three co-leads for the group globally and heads up the London Hub chapter:

“Essentially, Rainbow Builders is a safe space for all our LGBTQIA+ colleagues. Together, we work on fostering representation for our community and contributing to projects and activities in the wider business. It’s all part of helping to make the LEGO Group a great place to work for anyone who identifies in this way, as well as an attractive employer generally.

“We’re a very active group and get involved in all kinds of events - everything from Fireside chats and supporting creation on training materials to support Pride events. Our links with local LGBTQIA+ groups in communities where we have a presence are important too as they help us to promote Diversity & Inclusion. We also work closely with our LEGO Group D&I team, as well as the People, Operations & Development function to support the interests of the LGBTQIA+ community across the business.”


Jules took on responsibility for the LGBTQIA+ Colleague Advocacy Group in Billund back in 2021. Around the same time, Mazen invited her to become a Rainbow Builder. She’s eager to share how positive the experience has been.

“The group is really supportive and together we know we can accomplish a great deal. Especially when it’s come to organising activities for Copenhagen Pride, which we’ve done for the past two years.

“Personally, being involved in last year’s Pride felt like the most meaningful achievement I’ve had so far at the LEGO Group! It was very emotional at times – and incredibly rewarding. Our LEGO colleagues who volunteered at the event shared very personal stories with the families that came to our stand - and vice versa. There were hugs, tears, laughter… everything! None of this could have happened without Rainbow Builders. But there’s always more to do and we are driven by our desire to create positive change. This year, we worked with our People House Campus team in Denmark leads to advise on internal celebrations for this year’s Pride. It was fun to see colleagues celebrating pride, dressed in pride colours and enjoying some music quiz fun on campus.

“Of course, recognition stretches beyond Pride month and we have an active internal messaging group where we celebrate days for individual groups that belong within the community, such as Coming Out Day or Transgender Day of Visibility. I really value these interactions with colleagues around the world and it’s an amazing way to meet colleagues from other LEGO site.”


The impact and influence of the group is a theme that Sarah picks up:

“Caring is one of our core values and our People Promise is all about succeeding and growing together. This requires an inclusive approach and as a Rainbow Builder, I get to play a part in creating an environment where people can be themselves – after all, we know colleagues perform best when they feel seen, heard and respected. It’s really important we mark Pride and create visibility for the community in our workplace and support external Pride events. We want to make a positive difference in the lives of children; for our colleagues, our partners, and the world we live in. I believe our active support both internally for our colleagues and publicly at events shows our fans and customers that we truly care about being an inclusive and welcoming brand.”


When it comes to the link with the brand, second co-lead, Jeremy, believes it’s powerful and unifying - and a united front is vital at all levels of the business:

“We celebrate everyone is awesome, and actively seek to learn from children’s play experiences. Young children naturally play together regardless of the differences society can often focus on. We believe in the power of play and the power of children and in many aspects, they are our role models – especially when it comes to being accepting of others!

“Change requires a concerted group effort. As Rainbow Builders, we will always keep pushing for progress but we will not succeed and grow without the help of others. Allies are super important, both externally but also within our company and at every level of the organisation, especially our senior leaders. By working together, we can create a more inclusive, accepting world.”


We’ll leave the final words to Roberto, the third of the trio of co-leads. He is realistic about the task ahead and paints a positive picture of what working here looks like right now:

“Globally, there is still a long way to go. As individuals, as society, as teams and as a company, we are all on an educational journey. We are all evolving, learning, and improving processes all the time and must continue to work together as much as possible to keep up progress.

“As a company, we’re in a good place at the moment but we will always keep working to do more. We all want to feel accepted, to come to a place where your colleagues are your friends, where you can bring your best, most authentic self to work and know that that is valued and recognised.”

Our colleague led groups are growing and always welcoming new members. Timeless Builders, Asian, People of Colour, Women, Accessibility and Rainbow Builders are our global communities but there are local groups and task forces in LEGO offices, hubs and stores all over the world. Which one would you join?

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