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Everyone has something to offer at the LEGO Group. We know this because so many already do. Diversity, equality and inclusion are a natural part of how we work. Everyone has a voice and every voice is heard. Our colleague lead communities or as they are known here, Employee Advocacy Groups (EAGs) are just one way this happens. But we think it’s one of the most important. It’s how we learn what needs to change - and how.

Over the coming months, we'll be spotlighting at some of the incredible ambitions and work that these communities are doing. As it’s International Women’s Day on 8 March, we’re going to start by introducing some of the colleagues in our global Women’s Advocacy Group.

Mille Kathrine Vahl

“Just imagine empowering thousands of co-workers to influence the gender equality agenda at the LEGO Group.” This was Mille Kathrine Vahl’s reason for joining. She’s a Global Talent Sourcer based at LEGO® Campus in Denmark and volunteered to be the group’s Communications Manager last September.

“One of our values revolves around strengthening conscious inclusion behaviours and being able to energise everybody every day. With that in mind, I think it’s crucial to involve colleagues in our dialogues. It helps us to discover where we still need to improve.

We meet biweekly to plan and discuss activities. My role in the group has involved everything from facilitating sessions with stakeholders to conducting a company-wide survey to focus future efforts, and planning regional initiatives for International Women’s Day (IWD).”

Geetika Saxena

The group is headed by two co-chairs. One is Geetika Saxena, who is a Senior Digital Marketing Manager, based in India. The other is Ann-Marie Brennand (She/Her) who works in London as an Executive Personal Assistant, supporting one of our Vice Presidents in Digital Technology. Both joined the group to have a direct and positive effect on evolving our culture.

"Our Employee Advocacy Groups (EAG's), Geetika tells us, are strategic self-organised groups of colleagues and allies advancing D&I in our workplace, to create safe spaces for solidarity, learning and dialogue across the company, raising awareness, encouraging allyship, and driving D&I engagement.

“Gender stereotypes are still deeply rooted in our society, and women grow up and live being treated very differently from men through conscious and unconscious gender biases. Gender inequality is so pervasive that we often don’t see it. With these conversations, we hope to make everyone more aware and conscious of the everyday prejudices and hope to stimulate a change.

“The point, in general, is to initiate as many conversations as possible and International Women’s Day should be the ideal catalyst for this. We have plans for two panels built to talk about embracing equality. Locally, I am facilitating an Asia Pacific & Business Unit fireside chat with leaders and my peers this month to share and hear the LEGO Group talk on why and how to embrace equality.”


Ann-Marie had been part of the EAG for eight months and took on the position of co-chair because she felt she could add value: “We’ve recently set the group’s purpose as; “Support the women of the LEGO Group to flourish at work”. We do this by listening and engaging with the Women of the LEGO Group and key activities and events.​

“We’ve purposefully invited some of our male colleagues to be on the 2023 IWD panel. Whilst women’s careers are the focus, we think it is important to be inclusive and include men in the conversation. We want to share what an ally looks like from a male’s perspective and perhaps highlight how there could be some career considerations which apply more to one gender rather than the other. We’ve also tried to include women from different stages of their career. I didn’t want to have a panel with only the most senior women in the organisation, as their career experience and pathway could feel very alien to someone who is relatively early on in their career.

“The activities planned for 2023 are quite fluid right now. We’ve just closed a survey that asked women what topics are most important to them and how they would like to receive information. We are still looking at all the data, but so far Networking events is trending as a popular option. We hope to create some in-person local events in the near future.”


Kate Deurloo, a Senior Manager in our Global Shopper & Omnichannel Activation team based in Connecticut Hub, has led the Women in Leadership EAG for nearly 4 years. “I have a vested interest in cultivating, enabling, and developing a pipeline of equitable talent and advancement through learning & development, networking and actively advocating for underrepresented female leaders.

“For our own IWD celebration, we will showcase impactful women and their accomplishments as well as host a local Campfire on Embracing a Squiggly Career Journey. We’ll also welcome Black Activist and Architect, Pascale Sablan, as a guest speaker to share her incredible story. Finally, we’re partnering with two local communities – Dress for Success and Suit Up Springfield to provide donations for those in need of professional attire.”


In March 2022 Ramona Plaude, Senior Process Engineer in Billund, Denmark joined the group. She shares her perspective and ambitions for the community: “The group aims to advocate for equal rights for women and educate people regarding women’s experience in the world and in the workplace. It tries to look at the most relevant topics for the LEGO Group’s employees based on feedback. The activities we have planned for International Women’s Day reflect this ambition, it’s just one event to inspire every member of the LEGO team and see how many amazing women we have around us and how they make a difference in all aspects of everyday life."


Saffron Clague, Senior Communications Partner in our LEGO Agency is one of the latest additions to the group and is based in London. She’s keen to share her own experience of the Women's EAG:
“We have an awesome group of people so far and would love for more passionate colleagues to join us. There is still so much to achieve. Too many things to list here. But something that came back as very important to women in our survey was equal career and development opportunities. This feels like an achievable goal. I’d love to understand how we can do better here. Maybe you have some ideas you’d like to share.

“In the meantime, I’m sure I speak for all my colleagues - female and male - when I wish women and our allies at the LEGO Group - and indeed everywhere - a successful International Women’s Day.”

All in all, we think it’s fair to say that, as always women across the LEGO Group are doing us proud. Every single day. We celebrate them and with them.
The Women's Advocacy Group is just one of the communities that colleagues can join. Wherever you are based in the world there are communities, taskforces and groups you could be part of if you are part of the LEGO team. Look out for more insights on these in the coming months.

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Just imagine empowering thousands of coworkers to influence the gender equality agenda.
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