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Welcome to LEGO® Design, the LEGO Group’s very own design team. We’re the creative visionaries, builders and storytellers behind all the cool stuff you see on the shelves. While we handle various franchises and themes, we're not your typical product makers. Our goal? To innovate new LEGO play experiences that unlock endless possibilities for meaningful play and help children develop the skills they need to thrive in a changing world.

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Passion over Profile

Our team reflects the diversity of our audiences and the play experiences we craft. We welcome passionate people from various design and non-design backgrounds. Talent is essential, but a great personality is gold.

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Different people, one team

Designers, architects, engineers and artists – everyone comes together at LEGO Design, and we literally come from all corners of the world. Personality-wise, we come in all flavours, too, from outgoing to introverted, structured to messy. But two things unite us: a collaborative spirit and boundless curiosity.


Learning, always and forever

Whether entry-level, senior, or just stepping into the LEGO world, your potential knows no bounds at LEGO Design. We've got mentorships and special learning programs lined up from day one to help you boost your skills and grow both professionally and personally.

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Internship alert

Enrolled in school but eager to gain real-world experience? This is your ticket to learn, create, and innovate in the capital of children. Go check out our biannual internship program and learn how to apply.

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