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Partner Promise - Mutual value creation

Building Partnerships with Customers, Suppliers and Intellectual Property partners based on mutual value creation is fundamental to The LEGO® Group to meet the challenges and complexity brought forward by globalisation and digitalisation.

Partnerships are essential to compete in today's marketplace
Strong partnerships can help companies like The LEGO Group to better address the changing tides of the market, where challenges are amplified by the complexity brought forward by globalisation and digitalisation. Selecting and managing the right partnerships is critical for The LEGO Group to realise our aspiration and preserve the integrity of our brand in the minds of consumers and shoppers.

Coupa @ The LEGO Group

The LEGO Group has embarked on a procurement transformation journey to improve the way we purchase and interact with our suppliers. We have selected the Coupa procurement platform and are confident that we can strengthen the relationships with our trusted suppliers through a new way of working.

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So what is new for you as a supplier?

Purchase Orders generated in Coupa will be sent from this e-mail address: Note that purchase orders related to manufacturing and distribution will not be generated in Coupa so they will not change

• You will be able to update your business details – like banking information and address – using the platform

• You will be able to create and manage online catalogues

• The LEGO Procurement team will be able to invite you to specific sourcing events on the platform and exchange contracting information


Note that the invoicing process is not affected by this change – i.e. invoices will not be sent to The LEGO Group via Coupa. Therefore, please continue invoicing The LEGO Group in the same way as usual. The instructions on how to send invoices to The LEGO Group are included in the purchase orders.

Please find our invoice requirements here:
Invoice Requirements

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Coupa Success Portal

If you would like to learn more about our new purchasing system Coupa, please visit the Coupa Success Portal

Here you can find more information on the many different modules in Coupa.

General Terms & Conditions

Please find our general terms & conditions here:
General Terms & Conditions

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Who to contact

If you have any questions about how to use Coupa for The LEGO Group, please check our Supplier FAQ:
Frequently Asked Questions

If you do not find an answer in the FAQ, please contact your LEGO Procurement contact or alternatively: (EMEA) (APAC) (AMERICAS)