Raising digitally smart families

As a brand that’s all about play, we’re committed to ensuring play is safe for everyone. That’s why we’ve created tools and resources to empower children and families to learn good digital habits and thrive online. Below, you’ll find helpful content and playful learning experiences to help your family become digitally smart.

Explore with your child

Digital Screen surrounded by LEGO® bricks showing a digital forest

Take your kids on a Build & Talk adventure

Try our fun, free activities to talk about online safety for ages 6 to 9

Two LEGO® mini figurer under an exclamation point

Help your child Play Smart online

Follow our four simple steps to power up your family’s safety knowledge

The digitally smart guide

Start your digitally smart journey here. Check out this collection of quick guides for parents covering key topics for digital life skills and online child safety.

Activities for your child

LEGO® minifigures driving in a car

LEGO® Gloom Busters

We know kids love playing our LEGO® video games, so we’ve created LEGO® Gloom Busters to help children learn good digital behavior in a safe and fun gaming environment. As they drive wacky LEGO vehicles, kids are encouraged to help characters overcome common online challenges, such as cyberbullying and password security.

Screenshot from the Doom the Gloom game

Empower your kids to Doom the Gloom

In this interactive experience, children join Captain Safety and his hero squad to defeat the ‘gloom’ which comes from how we treat each other or from meanies and scammers. Through fun videos and minigames, this experience will help build up child’s online safety skills.

LEGO® Smart Dash minifigure

Level up your child’s safety skills with Smart Dash

Help your child level up their online know-how and make the internet a safer place with our Smart Dash game. It even has a two-player mode, so why not play with your child and learn together? Simply race down the track and solve the challenges on safe gaming, collecting positive emojis along the way as you dash to become an online safety hero.