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Putting people first

We care deeply for the people who are part of making LEGO® play experiences possible and are committed to upholding human rights and ensuring safe, healthy and respectful workplaces for our employees
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Let’s all watch out for each other

Safety for employees is a top priority and we aim for zero accidents at our factories, stores and offices. Our Occupational Health and Safety Policy ensures all activities are carried out with health and safety in mind.
We comply with national and international legislation, as a minimum requirement.

Every year, we measure the motivation, satisfaction and work-life balance of all employees. We benchmark the results against similar companies in 18 countries to ensure that our results are consistent with best practice.

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Responsible supply chain

At the LEGO Group, we want to ensure all workers involved in producing LEGO® play experiences are protected, and that absolutely no children are allowed to work at any point in our value chain. In addition, across our entire value chain, we want to ensure that anyone involved in the production of LEGO products is treated fairly and with respect, and that suppliers and partners share our values and commitment to business integrity.

All forms of modern slavery or forced labour are prohibited. Forced labour is defined as any situation where workers are forced to work against their will or under pressure from a threat of punishment.

Happy kids enjoying the summer camp

Summer camp in China

In China, millions of rural children are left behind in the countryside, while their parents work in far-away cities. This longterm separation causes significant strain on relationships, the wellbeing of parents and children’s development.

As part of our family-friendly workplace, we worked with IETP (ICTI Ethical Toy Program) to sponsor children of employees at five factories in our supply chain to join a summer camp programme in China in 2018. A total of 110 children were able to spend the summer living with their parents and enjoying LEGO® play experiences at the summer camps. This included Six Bricks training and activities, our hands-on tool for learning which teaches different skills, such as problem-solving and collaborative working.

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Diversity and Inclusion

Our People and Culture Policy sets out our approach to respecting fundamental labour rights and a fair workplace. We provide equal opportunities for all employees and no employee may be discriminated against because of background, race, religion, age, disabilities, sexual orientation or gender.
Our Responsibility and Human Rights Policy describes our efforts to prevent and mitigate adverse human rights impacts. The policy reflects our continued commitment to our LEGO® Brand Framework and to the UN Global Compact, the UN ‘Respect, Protect, and Remedy Framework’ and its ‘Guiding Principles’.