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  • LEGO Classic bricks with camera, house, stork and moped builds;

    10698 LEGO® Classic Large Creative Brick Box

    Never Run out of Brick.

  • LEGO Classic bricks together with fun crocodile, flower, train and ATV builds;

    10696 LEGO® Classic Medium Creative Brick Box

    Over 30 colors of LEGO® bricks so you can find the perfect piece.

  • 10712 LEGO® Classic Bricks and Gears

    Add Moving FUN functions to your builds.

  • LEGO Classic bricks with elephant, red car and green airplane builds;

    10713 LEGO® Classic Creative Suitcase

    Build creatures, cars, and castles of all colors!

  • LEGO Classic blue baseplate;

    10714 LEGO® Classic Blue Baseplate

    Perfect for adventures from sea to sky!

  • 10715 LEGO® Classic Bricks on a Roll

    These moving builds keep it wheel!