LEGO® Flower Bouquet & Flower Sets

LEGO® Flower Bouquet & Flower Sets

The colours? Vibrant. The variants? Gorgeous. Our favorite LEGO® Botanical is all of them, and this is the perfect place for you to find yours.

Welcome to our growing garden

The LEGO® Botanical Collection is blooming with sets and bouquets: an awesome twist on the traditional dozen-rose gift, wonderful wildflowers to liven up the mildest of desks, eye-popping dried flower centerpieces, and wildly vibrant bouquets with flowers to build, mix and remix just the way you love them.

Flowers have never been this much fun

“I love them, let’s build them together!” said no one ever about flowers of the traditional kind.

Always in season, for every and any reason

Gifts to celebrate birthdays, Holidays, good days, bad days, moving days, random Tuesdays... let’s just go with always.

The best place to put them is everywhere

And the best way to combine and display them is whichever way you like. So creative, it’s so you.

Choose your flower power

Red rose

Classic yet fresh. The Rolls Royce of flowers.


Did you know a bouquet of seven daisies is called a weeksy? (It’s not.)


A bold pop of color that celebrates joy. Wiiii!


A.k.a. if creativity and imagination cross-pollinated.

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