Why is classic LEGO® Pirates so iconic?

Why is classic LEGO® Pirates so iconic?

The LEGO® Pirates theme launched in 1989! Come with us as we sail down memory sea to discover what made it such a hit...

If you were a brick-mad in the Nineties, chances are you remember the bountiful offerings of the LEGO® Pirates theme with affection. Starting off with a splash in 1989, it was the fourth official theme introduced by the LEGO Group, following on from Town, Castle and Space.

It became a regular offering up to 1997, before becoming more sporadic with some early 2000s remakes. It wasn’t until its 20th anniversary in 2009 that our buccaneers really returned, with nine new, reimagined sets.

Known for its range of treacherous characters, dramatic storylines, plunderable ships and remote islands, it captured the hearts and minds of a brick-building generation in a way that no other theme of the time can claim. But what made it so loved and so iconic?

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