Miniland in LEGOLAND® Windsor – 19 essential facts you need to know!

Miniland – 19 essential facts you need to know!

A sprawling metropolis of brick-built landmarks, but what secrets are hidden within this LEGOLAND® utopia? Join us for the inside track on creating the magic of Miniland in LEGOLAND Windsor.

Miniland in LEGOLAND Windsor, is one of the most popular attractions among fans of the brick. Every year it entertains thousands of visitors with its extraordinary scale and endless details. This outdoor exhibit is a constantly expanding beast that is woven into the park's landscape, utilizing the available terrain to form a harmonious blend of brick-built and real world scenery.

Regular updates and expansions have spawned a zone with vessel-filled waterways, moving vehicles and a working rail network that depicts an impressive eight countries and contains a whopping 42 million bricks. 

But while the landmarks and structures are easily spotted what hidden gems lie in this magical land? Here’s 19 essential, fun facts that take you inside the world of Miniland.

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