Top 6 LEGO® Monster Truck Toys

The Top 6 LEGO® Monster Truck Toys For Kids

Take your LEGO® vehicles to the next level with massive monster truck action!

These nine LEGO monster truck sets range from cool and authentic to wildly imaginative, bad-guy-crushing mega sets. When you get behind the wheel, the choice of adventure is yours.

LEGO® Technic™ – Monster Jam™ Megalodon™

This truck really is a monster! Inspired by the biggest shark that ever existed, this set is something kids can really get their teeth into.

Pull back and release for high speed and to make impressive jumps – the fin even moves as the truck races forward.

When you’ve finished the shark design, the set rebuilds into a lusca Low Racer vehicle that combines a shark and squid look to form a menacing appearance!

LEGO® Technic™ – Monster Jam™ El Toro Loco™

Take the monster bull by the monster horns! This truck is styled after a bull, with horns, a nose ring and flame graphics and comes with pull-back action for launching it at high speeds.

This two-in-one set also rebuilds into an all-terrain Rock Racer for even more crushing and stunting adventures, with an authentic safety cage in the cab for protecting the driver when doing tricks!

LEGO® Classic – Bricks and Wheels

Let your creativity loose with this mega box of all sorts of LEGO pieces for putting together cars, skateboards – and even monster trucks.

Featuring 653 pieces, including a colorful selection of wheels of different shapes and sizes, kids are able to build nine different toys from the instructions, like a school bus, race car and a train, or steer off-road and make something completely original.

Take the creations apart and put them back together again – and combine with other LEGO brick sets to make endless combinations of anything you can come up with!

LEGO® City – Stunt Show Arena

Get ready to rumble – this set is packed with stunt action! From the ring of fire to the jump ramps, there are loads of ways to configure this set for a full show of monster truck mayhem.

Run over the small cars, do backflips with the purple and yellow monster truck models, or build up some speed with the flywheel-powered motorcycle and launch through the air.

There are six minifigures to serve as drivers, including three LEGO® City TV characters, and a trophy for the winner to show off on the podium.

LEGO Technic – Monster Jam® Grave Digger®

Make playtime just like the real thing with this authentic Grave Digger set with accurate ghost and fire details, movable flag and red headlights – as well as huge tires for arena-trampling action.

Pull the truck back and let it loose to recreate the epic stunts of one of the most famous monster trucks of all time.

When fun in the arena isn’t enough, kids can rebuild the Grave Digger into an off-road buggy. ©2021 Feld Motor Sports, Inc.

LEGO Technic – Monster Jam® Max-D®

Recreate daring stunts from the Monster Jam arena with this authentic truck’s pull-back action. Send it shooting across the room at high speed to do tricks or win races!

Packed with features just like the real thing, you can check out the realistic graphics and the true-to-life colors, spikes and a movable flag.

Need more power? This two-in-one set can be easily rebuilt from the tanky Max-D model into a super off-road quad bike for even more high-speed adventures!

©2021 Feld Motor Sports, Inc.

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