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The Top 9 LEGO® Monster Truck Toys For Kids

Take your LEGO® vehicles to the next level with massive monster truck action!

These nine LEGO monster truck sets range from the cool and authentic to wildly imaginative, bad-guy-crushing mega-sets. When you get behind the wheel, the choice of adventure is yours.

LEGO® Creator 3-in-1 – Monster Burger Truck

Budding cooks can run a food truck with this crazy monster truck, including brick-built features like a giant hamburger on the roof, foldable steps and even a dog figure to enjoy the food with.<br>

When the food business goes stale, rebuild the LEGO hamburger monster truck into an off-roader to take playtime off the beaten path, or reconfigure into a toy tractor.

LEGO Technic – Monster Jam® Grave Digger®

Make playtime just like the real thing with this authentic Grave Digger set with accurate ghost and fire details, movable flag and red headlights – as well as huge tires for arena-trampling action.

Pull the truck back and let it loose to recreate the epic stunts of one of the most famous monster trucks of all time.<br>

When fun in the arena isn’t enough, kids can rebuild the Grave Digger into an off-road buggy.<br>

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LEGO Spider-Man – Spider-Man’s Monster Truck vs. Mysterio

Join classic heroes Spider-Man and Spider-Gwen as they face down their toughest foes yet: Doctor Octopus and Mysterio.

Don’t worry: they brought plenty of firepower! The Spider-team comes fully equipped with a super monster truck with working suspension and a net launcher, as well as two armed drones ready to take on the bad guys.<br>

Make kids feel like real superheroes with Spider-Gwen’s skateboard and Mysterio’s opalescent domed helmet.<br>

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LEGO Technic – Monster Jam® Max-D®

Recreate daring stunts from the Monster Jam arena with this authentic truck’s pull-back action. Send it shooting across the room at high speed to do tricks or win races!

Packed with features just like the real thing, you can check out the realistic graphics and the true-to-life colors, spikes and a movable flag.

Need more power? This two-in-one set can be easily rebuilt from the tanky Max-D model into a super off-road quad bike for even more high-speed adventures!<br>

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LEGO City – Police Monster Truck Heist

Kids will love this LEGO City Police Monster Truck Heist action set as they get the chance to recreate scenes from the awesome LEGO City TV series with favorite characters police hero Tom Bennett and notorious crook Big Betty.

Will the cops catch the criminal before she gets away with the money from the bank? 

Featuring a bank building with a magnetic safe and a police surveillance truck and motorcycle, everything looks secure – until a bank-busting monster truck toy armed with a huge magnet takes to the scene.

LEGO Monkie Kid – Red Son’s Inferno Truck

If normal monster trucks aren’t enough action, Red Son’s Inferno Truck is the high-octane power set for you!

Featuring a firing six-stud rapid shooter and a winch for pulling the exploding ATM out of the brick-built Speedy Panda store, there’s loads of scenes to play out.

Need more speed? Launch the integrated race car toy to make a quick getaway or take the colorful Pigsy delivery tuk-tuk to stop the bad guys and rescue store owner Lee.

Including seven minifigures and a range of weapons, LEGO Monkie Kid sets reimagine Monkey King tales from the classic Journey to the West novel.<br><br>

LEGO City – Monster Truck

Kids can practice their heavy-duty driving skills by performing sliding turns, huge jumps and awesome landings at breakneck speed – all from the safety of their home – with this LEGO monster truck set!<br>

The fanged-monster decoration and room behind the steering wheel for the driver minifigure makes this a great set for display as well as play!

LEGO Classic – Basic Brick Set

If you know a little one with a big imagination, fuel their creativity with this brick set!

Use the instructions to create a series of iconic, classic LEGO models, from a knight on horseback to a cool monster truck.<br>

Of course, you can stick with the base model, or you can expand it with new ideas. Use unique bricks like eyes to turn your monster truck into a ginormous truck monster!

LEGO Marvel – Venomosaurus Ambush

Spider-Man’s greatest foe is now even deadlier as Venom takes over a T. rex to become Venomosaurus!

Enact imaginative battles between the two as they fight over the Venom egg and bring Spider-Ham and Iron Spider in to even the odds.<br>

But the combat really gets going when Spider-Man jumps in his monster truck mega-buggy, with its cool weapons and super-suspension, to combat Venom.

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