More sustainable packaging in ecommerce

We are changing the way we pack our LEGO® sets for shipping. Single-use disposable plastic, such as air pillows to protect the LEGO boxes during shipping and plastic tape to close the boxes aren’t recyclable in many areas of the world, which is one of our criteria for sustainable packaging solutions, so we’ve been working hard to find an alternative.
  • LEGO sets in boxes filled with paper to protect the sets
  • LEGO boxes sealed with paper-based tape

When you order on in Europe you will get a shipping package that contains no single-use plastic and only paper that is recyclable and certified by the Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®C117818). The plastic air pillows have been replaced with paper and even the tape to close the boxes is paper-based.

And this is just a start, our ambition is to make all our packaging more sustainable by 2025, by eliminating single-use plastic and using only renewable or recyclable materials that are sustainably sourced and certified by the Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®C117818).

a LEGO critter throwing a paper bag in the bin

A piece of the sustainability puzzle

The switch from single-use plastic to paper is a step in the right direction on our sustainable packaging journey but when trying to find sustainable solutions there are always challenges and tradeoffs, as nothing is perfect, or the answer to all.

For example, the paper that is needed to protect the products is heavier than plastic, to reduce the amount of paper used as filling our supply chain team has experimented with how much is really needed to protect the LEGO sets within the boxes. They found out that the filler materials were not needed when shipping our smallest sets, and by not using fillers in those shipments they removed up to 25% of the total filler material, saving 25 tonnes of paper per year.