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Candy Mermaid


    Meet the underwater queen of pop who loves ice cream almost as much as rocking out on her sweet pink guitar! Direct her using her unique BeatBits, like the Ice Cream World (guess what happens after scanning that…)

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        Alien DJ: Out of this World… No, really…

        Fresh off the back of yet another sell-out intergalactic tour, dance legend Alien DJ is ready to get supernatural up in here! Featuring some of the craziest BeatBits ever, including a warp speed tunnel!

        Meet Alien DJ
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          Punk Pirate: Superstar of the Seven Seas

          Ye may be wonderin’ what kind of dancin’ moves Punk Pirate can be performin’ with his peg leg. (The answer may be shockin’ to ye…)

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            HipHop Robot: Bling it up

            Add a bit of bling to your video, with the help of Robot Break-dancer’s BeatBits, including one that even turns minifigures into solid gold! Plus, there’s a rumor going around that this robot invented some of the most iconic breakdancing moves ever…

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              Party Llama: The Llife of the party

              Who’s that rollerblading his way into your music video? It’s the maraca-mad Party Llama! Scan unique BeatBits to teach your minifigures how to do the samba, or transport your music video into a tropical jungle!

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                Unicorn DJ: Making magic on the decks

                Do you like K-Pop? Well, you’ll LOVE working with one of the biggest names in K-Pawp right now! Help Unicorn DJ light up her concerts and fill her stage with Rainbow Castles (of course…!)


              Discover the LEGO® VIDIYO™ app

              The LEGO® VIDIYO™ app lets you direct, produce and star in your own music videos. Use the app to scan the minifigures and BeatBits from LEGO VIDIYO sets. Choose songs, unlock effects and discover entertaining characters. Then have fun making your video masterpieces, ready to share with other creators in the app. Please go to to check if your device is compatible. Ask your grown-up’s permission before going online.

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                VIDIYO Videos

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                    VIDEO: Get into the BeatBox!

                    BeatBoxes are an awesome way to add some extra BOOM to your VIDIYO productions! Alien DJ, Candy Mermaid, Punk Pirate, HipHop Robot, Party Llama and Unicorn DJ each have their own unique BeatBox, ready for you to style it how you want it. Use it as a stage for an epic performance and then pack it up and go on tour!

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                      Become a music video maker with the LEGO® VIDIYO™ range

                      The LEGO® VIDIYO™ world is the place to be to direct, produce and star in your own music videos. It’s so easy to get started with LEGO VIDIYO products and the free VIDIYO app.

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                        Make your VIDIYO YOU-nique!

                        Have you made your first super cool VIDIYO music video yet? YOU HAVEN’T?! It’s so simple … check out the steps in this short explainer video to find out how to make a music video that you’ll love sharing with the world!

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                          Get to know… Candy Pop!

                          If you’ve got a sweet tooth (and an ear for an even sweeter beat), then Candy Pop is the style for you! Performed by the likes of Icecream Saxophonist and Candy Mermaid, Candy Pop shows are inspired by the dreeeeeamiest desserts and feature awesome special effects like popcorn confetti and cupcake rain!

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                            Meet the future of music... L.L.A.M.A!

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                              Power up productions with BeatBits!

                              If you think these tiny tiles LOOK great…just wait ’til you see what they can do! BeatBits help you unlock powerful special effects, sounds, props and dance moves, to give your VIDIYO more creative POW! Check out this video to see how they work…