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Dr. Donna


    The veterinarian Dr. Donna is a lover of all animals – from the biggest whales to the tiniest rodents. Donna always has the right answer on how to best treat her animal patients… indeed, she often has an easier time understanding animals than people! She is always super supportive of her daughters Andrea and Liz, and fiercely believes in all the girls. Loves: Animals, animals, animals Not so crazy about: New trends, latest tech gadgets

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        Meet Dr Vidya, the space expert exploring the stars

        Expert scientist Dr. Vidya has been a teacher at the space academy for years and has worked for space agencies around the world. She’s done loads of ground-breaking work within space traveling. What she doesn’t know about the cosmos isn’t worth knowing! She’s the perfect teacher for space-obsessive Olivia.

        Meet Dr. Vidya
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          Meet Ollie, the performance perfectionist

          Ollie is studying at the theater school. While he loves acting, he’s also really enjoying learning about the technical elements, such as the props and the lighting. He’s really hard-working and often stays late to fully grasp all the technical skills. When he gets older he wants to work in theater – he doesn’t care which bit, as long as he’s involved in drama in some way!

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            Meet Nandi and her pet cat Ruby Exchange student Nandi works as a veterinary assistant at the local pet clinic. With an open mind, she’ll try anything once and loves visiting new places with her mischievous cat Ruby.

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              Meet Dr. Makena, the caring animal conservationist

              Dr. Makena is the head of the wildlife conservation center. She’s running a program to track the animals and observe them to learn more about animals and the impact that humans have on their habitats. She has a calm nature, which seems to make the wild animals she encounters trust her. It also makes her a big hit with students who visit the center.

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                Meet Capt. Maxine, the bold adventurer of the high seas

                Capt. Maxine is the skipper of Hope. She’s calm under pressure, which you need to be navigating a boat through the oceans. But she’s also brave – only someone with real courage would attempt to break a round-the-world sailing record!

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                  Mia is an adventurer who loves animals and being outdoors. In fact, she’s pretty sure her horse Bella understands her better than most people. She gets things done, and often while her four best friends are still discussing how to do it! She knows who she is and never worries much about what other people think of her. She doesn’t like gossip or small talk. Just be honest with her, she’ll see right through anyone who isn’t! And she’s not afraid to let them know. Loves: skateboarding, animals, nature, honesty, alone time. Not so crazy about: long discussions, people who tell her something is impossible.

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                    Meet Felix, the creative superstar

                    Felix loves art and finds inspiration wherever he looks. Which is why he’s attending art school – he can’t wait to try out all the different art forms. He’s had a lifelong desire to study with Prof. Béatrice because he knows she’ll get the best out of him!

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                      Let’s chat with Elijah Just like his bestie Sebastian, Elijah loves video games. He’s always ready to party – but watch out if it’s a boat party as he might get sea-sick!

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                        Andrea is a natural performer and she WILL become a star! On and off the stage, she’ll act, sing, entertain and dance her way through life. But don’t let all the drama fool you – she knows she needs to work hard to perfect her musical talent (also because Mia kindly reminds her). She’s not afraid of hard work as such, but it IS nice when you can reward yourself with new costumes or a beauty treatment after! Loves: singing, having FUN, using her talent to make a difference in the world, feeling spoiled. Not so crazy about: Being told “no”, horseback riding, listening to others talking for too long.

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                          Say hello to Jackson Jackson is a super creative problem solver and loves an engineering project. As a wheelchair user, he’s passionate about finding smart solutions for everyday challenges.

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                            Time to meet Maya This is Maya. She’s a natural peacemaker, who tries to get others to see past their differences. She has a knack of getting people to get along. She has friends of all ages – one of her best friends is Dottie, Ethan and Evelyn’s grandma!

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                              Introducing Layla Layla loves being on the water – that’s why she lives on a houseboat! She’s passionate about recycling and is always happy to give advice on reducing your carbon footprint.

                            LEGO® Friends Games

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                                LEGO® Friends Heartlake Rush

                                Race through Heartlake City in LEGO® Friends: Heartlake Rush! This fast, fun and furious endless runner puts you in the driver’s seat as you jump, duck and swerve through the busy streets in your LEGO racer! Can you complete all 60 levels? Drive as Andrea, Mia, Olivia, Emma, Stephanie or their friends as you zip through the city and collect coins and other special items. Unlock decorations, new vehicles and new playable characters! Find and collect Zobo, and he’ll transform your racer into a jet plane soaring above Heartlake City!

                                Explore App
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                                  Heartlake Rush

                                  Race through Heartlake City in this free LEGO racing game! Have fun with Olivia on the race track or download the app for the full play experience.


                                LEGO® Friends Videos

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                                    Meet Henry and his Hamster!

                                    River and his friends do their best to include a shy Henry and his hamster in the fun times at the Pet Day-Care Center. Henry loves his new friends and has a super fun time with his hamster.

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                                      The new clubhouse

                                      In 2018, our five Friends moved into a new clubhouse – an old fire station they restored.

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                                        Different ideas flow together to make a brilliant boat

                                        Meet our designers Ellen and Fenella and find out how they use their differences to make amazing things happen. They used their experiences from different backgrounds when creating the LEGO® Friends Canal Houseboat. The result is a supercool model where the mini-dolls bring together all their skills to make a positive change to their community. Check out the video and let it inspire you to discover your superpower. Because, after all, everybody has one...

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                                          The BFFs travel to new, exciting places!

                                          In 2014 our five Friends went on their very first trip outside Heartlake City – to a Jungle Rescue Mission

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                                            Playing together to make an amazing tree house makeover

                                            Olivia is on a mission to give the tree house a makeover but painting on her own is taking forever! However, she’s not alone. Her friends join her to show her everything is better together.

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                                              Stephanie's Buggy & Trailer

                                              Hitch a ride with Stephanie as she travels to the lakeside for some outdoor fun. Jump into her funky buggy with Dash the dog, attach the trailer to carry her her bike and paddleboard, and head out for a day of activity. Open up the trailer to find a bone for Dash, and Stephanie's water bottle and tennis racket. Help her unpack her helmet, life vest and paddle from the trailer, and she's away! After all that action it's time for a snack. Light the campfire with Stephanie and toast some marshmallows as the sun goes down.

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                                                Baking Competition

                                                1, 2, 3… Bake! Join LEGO® Friends Stephanie at the TV studio as she competes in a baking show. Spin the wheel above the stage to choose which crazy ingredients the bakers must include. Get creative with the icing and decorations. Grab the extinguisher to help David put out a kitchen fire. The timer’s counting down, but who’ll win the cash prize and the trophy? The judge needs your help to decide!

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                                                  Meet the LEGO® Friends – Mia

                                                  Meet Mia. It’s just a normal day in Heartlake City, and Mia is going horseback riding before meeting her four friends. Or so she thinks! A dangerous criminal is on the run, and before she can stop to think, Mia and her horse Bella are in hot pursuit! Can she trap him and save the day?

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                                                    LEGO® Friends The Ultimate Heartlake Racing Challenge!

                                                    What does the perfect LEGO Friends go-kart look like? Our two builders, Apheni and Grace, are ready to put their creativity to the test and give us their versions of the coolest race cars. The team will have just TWO minutes to help each other customize and personalize their go-karts, and get ready to race and play with all of their hearts!

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                                                      Headed for the stables

                                                      Our LEGO® Friends have met 34 different horses during the last 10 years! Wow!

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                                                        Meet Techie Olivia! – LEGO® Friends Character Spot

                                                        Olivia is a tech-savvy genius. She has invented cool new apps and gadgets to help her Friends drive like champions when their go-karts hit the tracks – and beat the competition to the finish line. She has programmed her robot, Zobo, to help her in the Creative Tuning Shop. He helps her install, test and analyze all her latest ideas and prototypes. But what works on computers is only one part of succeeding – you need a team of drivers to put the go-karts to the test in real life, too. Good thing her best Friends are always ready to help her test the tracks and come up with new ideas together!

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                                                          Artsy Emma! – LEGO® Friends Character Spot

                                                          From paint tubes to go-kart blueprints, Emma turns everything she touches into shining works of art. She’s not afraid to get her hands dirty while she works. Elbow grease should be part of every artist’s toolbox! Because go-karts can’t win a race on looks alone. Even if the design is perfect, you still need a team of star drivers who are willing to work hard together to race them to victory. Leave it to Emma and her custom go-kart to find creative new ways to help her team of Friends win this race! She knows just how to give the audience at the Heartlake City go-kart championship an artistic show of racing power.