Meet Zonya

Zonya the fire dragon is impulsive, wild, fun, brave and a bit of a show-off. Especially with her fire-breathing! It’s a little out of control at times, but she would never hurt a fly. Zonya and Azari get along for a reason – they’re like twin souls, WILD ones! And they will both do anything to cover their insecurity. Powers: Creative fire magic. Strengths: (Almost) not afraid of anything! Flaws: A bit claustrophobic, except when she’s in her own cave. Skills: Strongest, fastest dragon in the air. Can create any shape or image with her fire. Favorite things: Going on wild adventures with Azari. And creating beautiful fireworks on a warm summer night! Did you know: She feels terrible when she sets Farran’s trees on fire by accident. Luckily he can heal them pretty quickly.

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