For grown-ups

Hauling the biggest Articulated Hauler from Volvo

An icon of construction, this mighty Volvo machine is designed for the tough jobs. And you can’t get tougher than our latest challenge...

The Move It challenge

Can a team of kids from around the world move 100 tons using only LEGO® Technic elements? Let’s find out!

  • Time for Time-lapse

    See so many hours of hard work and planning play out in just a few seconds!

  • The moment of truth...

    Relive the moment when the theory behind the Let’s Move It challenge was put to the test, at our facility in Kladno!

  • Future Engineers x Current Engineers

    We asked Volvo designer Frida to answer the burning questions from the engineers of tomorrow.

  • Future LEGO® Designers x Current LEGO Designers

    Find out what LEGO® Engineer Libor made of the young prodigies behind the LEGO Technic Let’s Move It challenge.

… Test...

Testing is always important, so they tested their solution on a 3-ton mini-hauler before taking on the real deal…


Young engineers from FIRST® LEGO® League spent 2,000 building hours to come up with a solution…

… The Real Thing

And now at last… Moving a total of 100 tons. However, you need 24 tons of counterweight!

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