For grown-ups

Your City. No Limits.

Say hello to the daredevil LEGO® citizens who are challenging YOU to stretch the limits of what can be done in LEGO City – it’s Your City, No Limits!

Meet them all below and get inspired by their breathtaking stunts, crazy vehicles and wild rescue missions, before uploading your own attempts for all to see!

Choose your challenge

  • Fearless Fi

    Stuntz Bowling

    Hey City-zens! Check out my latest video to send stuff flying in your next challenge. Because who doesn’t love mess?

    Let’s go!
  • Mech-Max

    Embrace the Crash

    What’s up? Mech-Max here, with stunts that’ll get you defying gravity… and celebrating bloopers!

  • Rocket Racer

    Zip it

    You already KNOW who it is… Reckon you can do as cool a stunt as me? You’re wrong, kid. But I GUESS your best bet is to watch my sick new video for ideas…

  • Mech-Max

    A course? Of course!

    Let’s build the best training course this City has ever SEEN! (I mean, it’s got to be better than Go-To Gary’s attempt… right?!)

  • Go-To Gary

    Customize Surprise

    What up City-zens! Let’s think outside the box, people! Actually, just throw away the box completely… I wanna see you guys go NUTS!

  • Fearless Fi & Rocket Racer

    “It can do WHAT?!”

    Hey hey! We’re getting tired of seeing the same old cars… we want something a little… extra. And we reckon YOU can give it to us!

Meet the Citizens!


The Ultimate Builder

People gravitate towards Mech-Max. A natural leader who isn’t afraid to bend the rules, if there’s anyone who knows more about the inside of a car, we’d like to meet them…

Rocket Racer

The Cocky Showman

Some say Rocket Racer is fearless. Others say he’s downright stupid... All we know is, his death-defying stunts are some of the most unbelievable ever seen.

Fearless Fi

The Boundary Pusher

The name says it all… Any day, any time, any place, you know that Fi is up for a daring challenge in the City.

Go-To Gary

The First on the Scene

Whether it’s a new stunt, challenge or event, Go-To Gary always has the inside scoop on the hottest new thing in town.

Check out the City-zens’ latest No Limits adventures

The stunts aren’t over yet!

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