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For grown-ups


  • 1,000 BURGER PRIZE!


My craziest challenge EVER?! Which team will break out of prison, cross a shark-infested ocean, race to Fire Island, and reach LEGO® City first to win 1,000 of my mouthwatering burgers?


  • KentIsOnFire

  • WaltsGoingOn

  • AnnaOfDisguise

  • BetterCallCarla



Never fear, Kent is here! I’ve got such a great plan to lead the team, it’s all thought out, it’s foolproof, it’s geniusproof, it’s FIREproof! Kent is on FIRE!

  • UnstoppableMatt

  • DJ GoodVibes

  • OfficerEM

  • FredTheFoodie



Why am I the best leader for Team Cheese? Because my ideas are the best. Did that answer your question?

Play out your own ultimate escape escapades

  • Welcome to Escape Island

    Introducing the wildest challenge in LEGO® City yet! If you had to build an escape game island, what would YOURS look like?


    😱 Where was my invite, y’all?


    I thought you would prefer a challenge that was a bit more frozen… #NextTime


    Still… would have been nice to be ASKED… But it’s coooooooooool. I guess.

  • Ramp it up

    Can this team get away using a truck as a… *checks notes* … ramp?! What would you build as a fun getaway vehicle?


    I could have made that jump. #JustSaying

    Rocket Racer

    Same. #AlsoJustSaying

  • Next-level getaway ride

    Can a Police Mobile Crime Lab Truck swim? If you had to rebuild any vehicle into a water ride, what would you make?


    I hope none of that (very expensive!!!) lab equipment was damaged?!


    Erm… no?


  • Race cars… on water?!

    Surely these two can’t race their way to Fire Island? How would you turn a race car into a race boat?


    Did anyone think of just swimming to Fire Island? That’s what I’d have done.

    DJ GoodVibes

    I know you would have, Gene. But for us non-super-humans, it’s not so easy to swim AN OCEAN 🥸


    Sounds like you need to train more!

  • Fun on a bun

    Burger van to burger... what?! But hey, if you could rebuild a burger truck into something else, what would you create??


    Sharks aren’t that dangerous, you guys! You’re more likely to get hurt from a falling coconut than a shark!


    No way! I’ll be sure to include some coconuts in my next challenge…


    PREACH Una!!! Love sharks, hate coconuts! 🤣

  • A surprise plane

    A plane? That should be easy, unless... hmm... How would you have made this plane work in YOUR escape?


    FINALLY! I can’t believe it took them this long to find the plane!


    Have you even watched the video, Jake?


    I hadn’t then. I have now. #Whoops

Find out who won the challenge!

Citizens Social Talk


    There’s always time for a mid-trick hot dog...

  • GYMBROGene

    Don’t mind me, just lifting a DJ booth!

  • Sk8rKate

    Not sure THAT’s how this trick was meant to go... but I’ll take it!

  • OCEANEmma

    When you’re with me, it’s always prank o’clock...


    Now THAT’s what I call a KILLER whale! (Actually, orcas are dolphins, not whales, but that would ruin the joke so...)

  • UnderwaterUna

    Breaking out the underwater dance routine! #SquadGoals

Challenge yourself with our escape game!

Even more videos (lucky you)

  • Another day, another chase

    Who’s on the wanted list this time?

  • The chase heats up!

    High-speed action, here we go!

  • An escape at sea

    But first, watch out for the sharks!

  • Secret passage discovered!

    Advantage crooks! Over to you, police...

  • A game of basketball...

    Turns into a prison escape. Wait, what?!

  • Duty calls

    Can the police squad stop the crooks this time?

  • Crime investigation loading…

    Is the crime scene analyst on to something?

  • Mobile crime lab unit to the rescue!

    Will they crack the case? Let’s find out!

  • One last escape twist?

    The crooks might have one last plan up their sleeves!

  • Hideout discovered!

    What are the crooks hiding from the police?

  • Hideout showdown!

    The crooks must be thinking – “you’ve got to be fishin’ me!”

  • Speedboat chase underway!

    Who’s gonna outsmart who this time?


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The challenges aren’t over yet

The citizens


  • GYMBROGene

  • Sk8rKate

  • OCEANEmma


  • UnderwaterUna

  • Mech-Max

  • Rocket Racer

  • Fearless Fi

  • Go-To Gary


The Snowboarding Champ

Hey dudes and dudettes! So, I was on the mountain this one time and I was, like, how come I only ever snowboard on the snow? Let's take it to the tarmac!

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