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All aboard, citizens. It’s time to get your adrenaline pumping with this awesome speed-run game! Hop onto my bus, tour the city as FAST as you can, and see if you can beat my record time. Ready, set, GO!



Move fast, don’t waste a minute!

Citizen social


BYTZ here, and let me tell you, the rollercoaster at Robot World is INSANE! The twists, the turns and the tech – OMG! My heart was racing faster than a supercharged gaming rig! Can’t wait to ride again – I might even hack into the system for a longer ride! Who’s with me?


This looks EPIC, BYTZ! But if you’re looking for a real thrill, join me on my next jungle adventure. There are no seatbelts on safari!


That was one wild ride, eh BYTZ? Let’s go again! #FastestCityTourEVER


Just stepped off ZigZac’s speed-run tour of the city, and wow, it was NEXT LEVEL! He wasn’t kidding about the extreme speeds! Feeling a bit queasy now, but hey, that’s what you get when you live life on the edge! #AdrenalineRush


Speed-running isn’t for the faint of heart, ExtremeEddy. This bus slows down for no one! #NoLimits


Was that you speeding past the harbor? I thought I saw your face turning green from my boat! I’ve always got a spare rod if you want to take things a bit slower next time. #FishingLife


I spent the morning taking snaps of the beautiful city harbor! Check out this pic of a feisty little crab – reminds me of my wild coastal adventures. I even spotted ZigZac’s speed-run city tour bus zooming by! Now that’s a real city adventure. Who knew the harbor could be this exciting?


Totally awesome picture, WANDA ABOUT! But I prefer water sports on the harbor. I’d love to mod those jet skis and take ‘em for a spin!


Next time, let’s take my drone to the harbor so we can get some EPIC aerial shots! #NoLimits


Watch now!

Join Just Jason, Mech-Max, BYTZ, and WANDA ABOUT as they embark on more epic city adventures and push their ‘No Limits’ motto to jaw-dropping new heights!


Just spotted this AWESOME purple hotrod cruising through the city! My heart nearly jumped outta my chest as it sped by! I’m totally inspired to create something wild back at the garage. I’m thinking big engines, big wheels and even bigger flame decals. Yeee-hawwwww.

Just Jason

Now that sounds like my kinda’ car! When you’ve got that baby fixed up, let’s hit the streets and see if we can catch up to ZigZac’s bus!


That’s a sweet ride, Mech-Max! Time for a speed-run through the city? #SpeedDemon


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  • 1,000 BURGER PRIZE!


My craziest challenge EVER?! Which team will break out of prison, cross a shark-infested ocean, race to Fire Island, and reach LEGO® City first to win 1,000 of my mouthwatering burgers?


  • KentIsOnFire

  • WaltsGoingOn

  • AnnaOfDisguise

  • BetterCallCarla



Never fear, Kent is here! I’ve got such a great plan to lead the team, it’s all thought out, it’s foolproof, it’s geniusproof, it’s FIREproof! Kent is on FIRE!

  • UnstoppableMatt

  • DJ GoodVibes

  • OfficerEM

  • FredTheFoodie



Why am I the best leader for Team Cheese? Because my ideas are the best. Did that answer your question?

Play out your own ultimate escape escapades

  • Welcome to Escape Island

    Introducing the wildest challenge in LEGO® City yet! If you had to build an escape game island, what would YOURS look like?


    😱 Where was my invite, y’all?


    I thought you would prefer a challenge that was a bit more frozen… #NextTime


    Still… would have been nice to be ASKED… But it’s coooooooooool. I guess.

  • Ramp it up

    Can this team get away using a truck as a… *checks notes* … ramp?! What would you build as a fun getaway vehicle?


    I could have made that jump. #JustSaying

    Rocket Racer

    Same. #AlsoJustSaying

  • Next-level getaway ride

    Can a Police Mobile Crime Lab Truck swim? If you had to rebuild any vehicle into a water ride, what would you make?


    I hope none of that (very expensive!!!) lab equipment was damaged?!


    Erm… no?


  • Race cars… on water?!

    Surely these two can’t race their way to Fire Island? How would you turn a race car into a race boat?


    Did anyone think of just swimming to Fire Island? That’s what I’d have done.

    DJ GoodVibes

    I know you would have, Gene. But for us non-super-humans, it’s not so easy to swim AN OCEAN 🥸


    Sounds like you need to train more!

  • Fun on a bun

    Burger van to burger... what?! But hey, if you could rebuild a burger truck into something else, what would you create??


    Sharks aren’t that dangerous, you guys! You’re more likely to get hurt from a falling coconut than a shark!


    No way! I’ll be sure to include some coconuts in my next challenge…


    PREACH Una!!! Love sharks, hate coconuts! 🤣

  • A surprise plane

    A plane? That should be easy, unless... hmm... How would you have made this plane work in YOUR escape?


    FINALLY! I can’t believe it took them this long to find the plane!


    Have you even watched the video, Jake?


    I hadn’t then. I have now. #Whoops

Find out who won the challenge!

Challenge yourself with our escape game!

Citizens Social Talk


    There’s always time for a mid-trick hot dog...

  • GYMBROGene

    Don’t mind me, just lifting a DJ booth!

  • Sk8rKate

    Not sure THAT’s how this trick was meant to go... but I’ll take it!

  • OCEANEmma

    When you’re with me, it’s always prank o’clock...


    Now THAT’s what I call a KILLER whale! (Actually, orcas are dolphins, not whales, but that would ruin the joke so...)

  • UnderwaterUna

    Breaking out the underwater dance routine! #SquadGoals

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  • Another day, another chase

    Who’s on the wanted list this time?

  • The chase heats up!

    High-speed action, here we go!

  • An escape at sea

    But first, watch out for the sharks!

  • Secret passage discovered!

    Advantage crooks! Over to you, police...

  • A game of basketball...

    Turns into a prison escape. Wait, what?!

  • Duty calls

    Can the police squad stop the crooks this time?

  • Crime investigation loading…

    Is the crime scene analyst on to something?

  • Mobile crime lab unit to the rescue!

    Will they crack the case? Let’s find out!

  • One last escape twist?

    The crooks might have one last plan up their sleeves!

  • Hideout discovered!

    What are the crooks hiding from the police?

  • Hideout showdown!

    The crooks must be thinking – “you’ve got to be fishin’ me!”

  • Speedboat chase underway!

    Who’s gonna outsmart who this time?