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The Snowboarding Champ

Hey dudes and dudettes! So, I was on the mountain this one time and I was, like, how come I only ever snowboard on the snow? Let's take it to the tarmac!

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  • Teaser

    Hey CityZENS! I’m WANDA ABOUT! Get ready to roll with me and the awesome LEGO® City ‘No Limits’ crew! Check out this teaser and prepare for a wild ride… there’s a whole bunch of thrilling episodes heading your way!

  • The Penguin Slushy Van hijack!

    Hello CityZENS!! Mech-Max here! See what happened when Just JASON and ‘yours truly’ flipped BYTZ’s old ride into something way ‘COOLER’! Take your seat for a ‘SLUSHY’ episode of LEGO® City No Limits, where the evil No Face and his cronies make another unwelcome appearance!

  • Join me for the sky jump challenge!

    Hey CityZENS! Just JASON here! Check out this amazing episode of LEGO® City No Limits, where I get to perform with my lifelong stunt hero, Rocket Racer! Buckle up, ’cause things take an unexpected turn!

  • Are you ready for the most extreme?

    Hey CityZENS! I’m Just JASON. Buckle up for wall-climbing thrills and laser drone escapades in this high-velocity episode of LEGO® City No Limits, where the evil No Face tries to sabotage my ‘extremeness’! 😎

  • Check out the ultimate dodgeball challenge!

    Hello CityZENS!! I’m BYTZ. Get ready for a bouncing episode of LEGO® City No Limits, where I challenge the entire city to a game of dodgeball and come face-to-face with the dodgeball queen, Fire Chief Freya! 🏀

  • Embark on an epic arctic treasure hunt!

    Ahoy, me hearties! Join me, WANDA ABOUT and my epic crew on the ultimate treasure hunt deep beneath the waters of the Arctic Circle. Brace yourselves for an action-packed episode of LEGO® City No Limits where giant sharks and a legendary pirate curse await! 😎

The stunts aren’t over yet!

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