• Monster Truck

Monster decorations

No monster truck is complete without awe-inspiring – okay, intimidating – bodywork decorations! This one has a cool fanged monster on the hood.

Huge chunky tires

Did you know that real-life monster truck tires can be up to 6-10 feet/2-3 meters tall? That’s about as tall as 4-6 Golden Retriever dogs on top of each other!

Built to be wild

In shows, monster truck drivers usually perform crazy jumps, flips, loops and wild stunts. And, of course, they’re famous for crushing other cars and trucks by driving right over them!

Ramp up your action

TIP: Want to race in your own LEGO® monster truck show? Use LEGO plates, books, toys, whatever you have in your room to make cool ramps for your truck stunts.


Height: over 2 inches/6cm
Width: over 2 inches/6cm
Length: 3 inches/10cm
LEGO pieces: 55
Cool factor (1-10): 20
Sound level (1-10): 15