• Dragster

Don’t blink

This pull-back dragster was built for maximum speed. Clear the floor, pull back the car, and let it fly. If you blink, you’ll miss it!

A rocket on wheels

Did you know that the fastest drag racers in the world can go from 0 to over 335 miles (almost 540 km) per hour – in less than 4 seconds?

2-in-1 drag racing fun

Want a little more action? You can rebuild this Dragster into a super-fast pull-back Hot Rod.

Take it for a spin

The racing driver minifigure doesn’t get dizzy easily. Lock in the wheelie bar and pull off awesome wheelies on your floor!

Awesome engineering

Love math and science classes? It takes mad engineering skills to build a real-life dragster. If your dream is to work on these beauties, your hard school work will get you far!

Flaming hot

See those flames shooting out the back? You want to steer way clear of those in real-life dragsters. They can burn at temperatures up to 7,050 degrees Fahrenheit (3,900 degrees Celsius).


Height: 4 inches/12cm
Width: 3 inches/10cm
Length: 12 inches/32cm
LEGO pieces: 225
Cool factor (1-10): 11
Sound level (1-10): 13