• McLaren Senna

Who was Ayrton Senna?

Only one of the world’s most daring racing drivers ever! He was born in Brazil in 1960 and won three Formula One World Championships. Sadly, he lost his life in a crash in Italy in 1994.

In the driver’s seat

Lift off the windshield and get your racing driver minifigure comfortable in the cockpit before the race. Remember to put the windshield back on before you race. And DRIVE SAFELY!

Test your car

Want to be part of the racing team? Work your mechanic magic and test the McLaren race car in the wind tunnel.

Time for a pit stop?

Change the rims to give the car a different look. It may not make your car faster, but it looks great!


Height: over 2 inches/6cm
Width: 2 inches/6cm
Length: 6 inches/16cm
LEGO pieces: 219
Cool factor (1-10): 12
Sound level (1-10): 10