• Ferrari F8 Tributo

Cockpit-style interior

How much do you wish you were the driver minifigure so you could fit in the car? Look at the cool cockpit-style seats and dashboard!

Spoiler alert

Notice the blown rear spoiler? Not only does it look REALLY AWESOME, it’s a new design that also helps make the Ferrari F8 Tributo awesomely aerodynamic.

What does ”Tributo” mean?

“Tributo” is not just a fancy name. It means “Tribute” in Italian. This car is a tribute to Ferrari’s famous V8 engine – their fastest ever. Fasten your seatbelt.

Who founded Ferrari?

Ferrari cars are named after the Italian car designer, Enzo Ferrari. He founded the company in Maranello, Italy in 1947.

Almost like real life

It takes engineers, designers, mechanics, test drivers (and many more) years to design and build a new Ferrari car. With 275 LEGO® pieces, you can probably build this model a lot faster.


Height: over 1 inch/4cm
Width: 3 inches/8cm
Length: 5 inches/15cm
LEGO pieces: 275
Cool factor (1-10): 11
Sound level (1-10): 10