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The Tree of Souls

Discover one of the most sacred locations for the Omatikaya clan. Do you feel its power?

How wide is a Banshee’s wingspan?

Are you ready to explore the alien and beautiful moon of Pandora?

If you’re like us, as soon as you saw Avatar 2, you probably wished you could travel to Pandora yourself! And with LEGO® Avatar, you can get as close as it’s possible to be…

On the surface

Where would you feel more comfortable? In a relaxing reef-side Na’vi village… or zooming across the ocean on the back of a powerful skimwing?

Na’vi Translator

Learn how to say common phrases in the Na’vi language!

Did you know? The Na’vi are around 10 feet tall!

That’s almost twice as tall as most humans – or about 83 minifigures stacked on top of each other!

To the Submarine!

Uh-oh! The evil RDA Quaritch is piloting the Mako submarine and keeping Spider hostage! Do you have a plan to save the day?

The Way of the Water

You may have noticed that going underwater is kind of a big deal in the new Avatar movie… Luckily you don’t have to hold your breath while playing with these sets…

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