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For grown-ups

It’s World Play Day: Celebrate our birthday on August 10th

For our birthday, we’re getting the world to play. And not just with LEGO® bricks… We’re talking ANY play. Puddle-jumpin’, ball-kickin’, hide-n-seekin’… if you can think it, you can play it.

Make way for play

We teamed up with kids from West Harlem to transform an old playground into a brand new one!

What LEGO® brick are you?

As part of our 90th birthday celebrations, we’ve created this cool way to figure out what brick best captures the spirit of… well… you!

Share your creations on LEGO® Life!

Get inspired, over on the LEGO® Life app! It’s where you’ll find all the coolest builds and craziest ideas, all coming from fans like you!