Samual Tacchi, Designer - LEGO Technic.

"I started my career as a motorcycle designer at Honda HRE-D in Italy. Then I got an opportunity to work at Triumph Motorcycle in the UK. And now I’ve been at the LEGO Group for 5 years and work in the LEGO® Technic team.

"I was attracted to this role because of the high level of creativity and challenges. Not one single day here is the same. Since joining I’ve been surprised by the level of openness and trust that I receive as a Designer. I feel more empowered to make decisions and take actions, and this freedom is pretty unique.

"My main task is to work on LEGO Technic models as well as look for new trends, new concepts, and new ideas. I also run the NPS wall to encourage consumer feedback and gain an understanding of their likes and dislikes. Gathering all this information will result in us making better, more insightful products and better play experiences.

"My role is uniquely challenging, as LEGO Technic is a unique platform, with many possibilities. The main challenge is to find the right level of complexity on the models. I have to think like a nine-year-old kid and (or) a 45-year-old adult. As making the right decisions on designing a model is key to a great experience. And that’s the best challenge a designer can have.

"Being able to be creative every day is awesome, as is being part of a team of very interesting people, who are all passionate about their job. And building the future of LEGO Technic - you cannot ask for better than that! I feel incredibly supported to develop my career too. My design lead has built this environment of trust and it feels natural to have a discussion with him about my career plan and my work within the team.


"The LEGO Group values are very important to me. Imagination is vital to what we do because it helps build the creativity in your head. Creativity is the key to fresh ideas and getting away from your comfort zone. Fun is everywhere because we’re a toy company. Learning helps us to change things for the better. Caring is important because we are all human beings. And Quality is the key to developing better products and better play experiences.

"In the future, I want to keep on designing products and being more responsible within the team. Growing in this role is important for me, and for my career. I want to show the whole potential of LEGO Technic and push the limits of creativity using this amazing platform. And maybe one day I will be the one inspiring the future young talent and make my design lead proud of who I have become."