Ellen Catherine Lucy Bowley - Designer

"I was a student before I joined The LEGO Group. I came as an intern for a year, before returning to university to finish my degree. I was hired shortly before I graduated.

"Working for an awesome company that I have loved since I was young feels amazing. I was immensely attracted to the idea of being a toy designer. I was excited to move to a new country. And happy to be going back to a job that I loved.

"I now get to work with an awesome team of people, designing toys for some of my favourite LEGO® brands. My main role is as a model Designer for LEGO Friends. I’m also a mentor to new hires, a toy doctor and a sub-theme driver. It’s very varied and keeps every day fun.

LEGO Friends theme

"I love so much about working here. I love the LEGO Friends theme, the team I work in, participating in user tests, having products out on the market and seeing what everyone else around the building is making. There are so many opportunities. The fact that we are designing toys out of LEGO bricks every day is awesome! I didn’t realise I’d be building with actual LEGO bricks. I figured it would all be done digitally. I’m still amazed by that 5 years on…

"It can be extremely busy here, especially when we’re preparing for a test or working on multiple projects. But that’s what keeps it energized. And I’m always well supported. My Creative Lead/ Manager is aware of what areas I want to develop and grow into next. So, she encourages me to take new opportunities in those areas. For example, I’d like to move up to Senior Designer within the LEGO Friends team, working on other franchises around the company on the side. So that’s what we’re currently working towards."