Digital Technology


Just imagine building a digital world. Imagine pushing boundaries, exploring innovations and reinventing the future of play.

This is exactly what our rapidly-growing Digital Technology team are doing. Together, they’re accelerating the digital transformation of the LEGO Group like never before. Imagine what you could create here, when your experimentation is encouraged and your biggest ideas are embraced.

Then join us and do it all for real.

Developing everything from websites and digital platforms to new products and essential architecture, our Digital Technology team are the power behind our progress. If you want to know more, you’ve come to the right place. Here, you’ll discover:
• what makes technology tick at the LEGO Group
• how our different teams work together
• how we build a world-beating environment where play, ideas and people all thrive.

Most importantly, you’ll be able to explore our teams and live vacancies, to see where and how you could be part of our exciting future – and where your career with us could take you.

A digital career where ideas and opportunities have no boundaries. Just imagine that!

How Digital Technology helps shape the home of the brick

We put brilliant engineers together with mind-blowing technology for one very simple purpose: to build amazing digital products that both delight our users and create value for the LEGO Group. And we do this in a very refreshing way. We have developed an architecture that allows us to break down our processes and thinking into modular parts - just like LEGO® bricks. Meaning we can build much more.

Digital Technology Departments

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    Consumer and Content Technology

    Are creating digital solutions that covers the journey from Creators to Consumers. We support the product development process with tools and services, and we create the consumer facing digital solutions such as Digital Building Instructions, LEGO ID and Family Hub. China: Has a unique ecommerce to the rest of the world so there is a digital team set up in China to create solutions which are unique to China only.
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    Marketing and Channels Technology

    Creating excellent digital experiences for our consumers, shoppers and partners. For example this includes our instore payment technology,, customer service platform and virtual showroom for our partners, plus much more.
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    Corporate Product Technology

    Creates and operates tech powered products and services that support our colleagues excel in providing great services within their subdomain to the benefit of the entire organization
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    Omnichannel Manufacturing and Product Engineering Technology

    Is an integrated partner to digitally transform the LEGO Group value chain from early production development to your doorstep. This includes Supply & Demand technology, Production technology and Manufacturing technology
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    Provide secure, scalable and modern cloud & infrastructure services for our digital workforce
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    China Digital Technology

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    Digital Security

    Makes the LEGO Group Cyber resilient.
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    Data Office

    Data is the fuel of Digital Technology. The Data Office will help realise the value of data, not just within Digital Technology but across the LEGO Group.

What we’re busy doing.

Creativity and imagination flow non-stop at the LEGO Group. We think of one innovative idea or the next Big Thing to delight our fans. Then, we get excited about the next one. For example, right now, we’re working flat out on transforming our B2B and Retail Technology platforms, which will impact our colleagues, customers and partners across the world.

Who we are looking for


Our Digital Technology locations

Although our main teams are based in London, Copenhagen, Billund and Shanghai, we have open positions globally. So, no matter where you’re sitting now, an exciting opportunity may be closer than you think. And there’s never been a better time to jump on it, that’s for sure.
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