Man sitting next to large LEGO Chicken

SeungYoo Kim

Based in Korea

His introduction to the world of LEGO®️ products began on his 5th birthday with a gift of LEGO set, establishing a profound connection.

When he was a child, he had an unusual experience of making and presenting new LEGO creations with his local friends by setting a theme every week. Looking back, he thinks he might have been a little winging, a butterfly effect, to become an LCP.

As an adult, while pursuing his studies in industrial design and working as a product and furniture designer, he found himself once again captivated by the versatility of LEGO bricks, a medium that offered an immediate and visual representation of ideas. Following that, Under the pen name "Vant." he provides a variety of curious experiences to those who see LEGO creations that cross products and works by working as a designer during the day and an artist at night.

In 2022, he participated in LEGO®️ Masters Korea with his partner Hayarobi and won the title of LEGO Master as the first winner.

Since then, working full-time as an artist, he founded 'Brick Lab', bringing exciting LEGO culture and elements to the public ranging from small, sensually crafted props that fit in the palm of your hand to massive architectural structures over 5 meters tall.