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Our mission: To inspire and develop the builders of tomorrow

Reducing CO2 emissions


On our path to positive impact on the environment, we must acknowledge and address the challenges of climate change. We commit to reducing our own CO2 emissions and to working closely with our suppliers in reducing theirs while aiming to produce more renewable energy to balance our global energy use.

  • We aim to improve our energy efficiency by reducing the amount of energy we use.
  • We aim for a carbon neutral supply chain and work closely with our suppliers to find and co-create CO2 reduction initiatives.
  • We aim to be balanced by 100% renewable energy by 2020. We have invested in two wind farms to produce renewable energy to balance the energy we use to manufacture our LEGO® bricks.

Improving our energy efficiency

We have seen a vast improvement in our own production facilities and found ways to reduce the amount of energy we use to produce LEGO® bricks. Our initiatives include upgrading our manufacturing equipment and cooling systems and making our buildings more energy efficient.

Energy efficiency in our supply chain
We are taking important steps in reducing our own carbon emissions. However, we also need to address the CO2 emissions, which are related to our raw materials and activities that originate in our supply chain. We therefore work closely with our suppliers in aiming for a carbon neutral supply chain. Together with WWF, we are stepping up our efforts with suppliers to innovate solutions for reducing their CO2 emissions.
Read more about our partnership with WWF.

Sourcing renewable energy
We have made a commitment of 100% renewable energy by 2020. To reach this target, KIRKBI A/S, which owns 75% of the LEGO Group, has invested in the construction of two offshore wind farms. Through KIRKBI A/S, the LEGO Group owns one third of the Borkum Riffgrund 1 wind farm. Our share of the wind farm is capable of producing enough electricity to meet the needs of approximately 100,000 households annually. The second wind farm is located off the coast of Liverpool, England. We will continue to explore and implement both on and off-site renewable power to meet our total global energy needs.
Read more about our wind farm or view this short film about how we aspire to use energy sourced from naturally replenished resources: