The LEGO Group remains committed to make LEGO® bricks from sustainable materials

Bio-based LEGO elements, green trees and bushes

BILLUND, September 27, 2023: We wanted to share the facts about our sustainability ambitions and progress.

  • We are more committed than ever to making our products and business more sustainable.
  • We will triple spending on sustainability initiatives to $1.4 billion in the four years to 2025.
  • We are working to make our products from more sustainable and circular materials by 2032.
  • We have set ourselves a target to reduce carbon emissions by 37% by 2032 and longer-term, pledged to be net zero by 2050.
  • We are also committed to investing in sustainable materials.

So far, we've tested more than 300 different materials. Some have been successful, such as bio-PE which we use to make botanical elements and accessories. Other have shown potential, but haven’t met our strict quality, safety and durability requirements or helped reduce our carbon footprint.

One of those materials is rPET. When we announced a prototype, we were optimistic about its potential, but after two years of testing, decided not to progress as ultimately it wouldn’t have helped us reduce carbon emissions. We also believe there are potentially better alternatives that will help us meet our sustainability ambitions.

This is the nature of innovation – especially when it comes to something as complex and ambitious as our sustainable materials programme. Some things will work, others won’t.

We have learned a lot and will apply those learnings as we continue to develop new materials and explore other ways to make our bricks more sustainable.

We believe it’s important we’re transparent about our sustainability efforts.

It’s a challenge we all share, and it’s something we know kids care about. We receive hundreds of letters from children each year with ideas of how we can be more sustainable. We want them to know we’re listening and trying hard.

We look forward to continuing to share our progress.