The LEGO Group History

The LEGO Group and the LEGO Foundation enter a three-year partnership with UNICEF to protect children's rights and change the way in which children learn.

The offshore wind farm, Borkum Riffgrund 1, of which 32 percent is owned by the LEGO Group opens in October.

LEGO® products are now sold in more than 140 countries.

The first elements are moulded in the new LEGO Group factory in Jiaxing, China. The first packing lines are put into operation in September 2015 and the first box packed in Jiaxing is the LEGO City Police Station.

Selected product news 2015
LEGO® DimensionsTM
LEGO® Elves
LEGO® BIONICLE (re-launch)
LEGO® Jurassic WorldTM


In the beginning of February, The LEGO Movie premieres in a number of countries. The movie is written by Phil Lord
and Chris Miller and produced by Warner Brothers. It is the first time the LEGO universe has been pictured in a movie.


As part of the strategy to expand the company’s global presence, the LEGO Group announces that in addition to
the headquarters in Billund (Denmark), main offices will be established in London (England), Enfield (USA),
Singapore and Shanghai (China).


The strong growth continues and the LEGO Group presents very satisfactory annual results for 2013. In less than
10 years, the company has quadrupled its revenue.

LEGO Juniors 

The LEGO name celebrates its 80th birthday. In 1934 the founder of the company
– Ole Kirk Kristiansen –  launched a competition to find a suitable name for
the company. He won the competition himself by combining the first two letters
of the words LEg and GOdt into the name “LEGO”.  


Selected product news 2014

LEGO® Mixels

LEGO® Juniors
LEGO® Disney Princess™



The LEGO Group continues its growth and presents strong annual results for 2012,EV3ERSTORM
nearly tripling the sales of 2007.
LEGO MINDSTORMS celebrates its 15th birthday and launches its 3rd generation:
LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3 - powered by the new EV3 Intelligent Brick.
The LEGO Group opens a sales office in Beijing, China and a new main office in Singapore.
LEGO Brand Retail Store number 100 opens in White Plains, USA.

Selected product news 2013

LEGO Legends of Chima

LEGO The Lone Ranger (in collaboration with Disney)


“Step Up”: Organisational change in order to prepare the LEGO Group for future growth and to make it more adaptable and competitive. Corporate Management changes from 6 to 22 persons.
LEGO Universe closes as well as DesignbyME, because the two product lines are not sustainable.
LEGO Education becomes a separate subsidiary under LEGO A/S.

LEGO FriendsSelected Product news 2012
LEGO Friends. A new line targeted at girls aged 5-8

LEGOLAND Florida opens. The world’s largest LEGOLAND Park.
The LEGO Group launches its first appcessory “Life of George".
The LEGO Group is now the world’s third largest toy manufacturer in terms of sales.

Selected Product news 2011
LEGO Technic Unimog
LEGO Ninjago spinnersNinjago
Alien Conquest

Online game LEGO Universe launches.
The World’s largest LEGO Mosaic is assembled in London. It measures 15,3 x 6,4 meters and consists of 384.000 LEGO Bricks and 1500 building plates and the motif is several Star Wars figures.

Selected Product news 2010
Prince of Persia