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The LEGO Group History

Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen 19791979
Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen is appointed President and Chief Executive Officer of INTERLEGO A/S.
The DUPLO rabbit logo is registered as a trademark.
LEGO Singapore is established.
Godtfred Kirk Christiansen is appointed Knight of the Order of Dannebrog.

Selected Product News 1979
DUPLO "house box"

LEGO minifigure 19781978
“System within a System” – Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen’s development model splits production into product ranges and lines.
The DUPLO Rabbit Logo appears.
The first LEGO Road Show takes place in Dayton, Ohio. Later, this becomes the LEGO World Shows.
LEGO Japan (Nihon LEGO K.K.) is established.
The first telefax is purchased (DKK 68,000).

Selected Product News 1978
LEGOLAND mini figures with movable arms and legs
Base plates with road markings
USS Constallation
The Castle

Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen, the third generation, joins the LEGO Group management.
LEGO Australia is established.
LEGO Technic 1977DUPLO Factory in Billund is now an independent unit in the LEGO Group.

Selected Product News 1977
DUPLO doors, windows and "symbol" figures without arms and legs

LEGOLAND Sieksdorf is closed.
Sculpturer Robert Jacobsen's "LEGO" is revealed in Billund.
Minitalia, that launched in Italy in 1971, is removed from the product line.

Selected Product News 1976
Harley Davidson motorcycle

LEGO USA moves from Brookfield to Enfield, Connecticut.
Procurement in the US is established.
The LEGO Group has 2,500 employees.
LEGO Portugal is established.
English becomes the official corporate language.

Selected Product News 1975
The Expert Series
Moon Landing
Engine with Firemen (the fore runner of the Minifigure, that launches in 1978)

LEGO Spain is established.
LEGO Overseas A/S is established.
LEGO Futura ApS is established.
The Mount Rushmore replica is created in the LEGOLAND Park.
The LEGOLAND park in Billund receives visitor no. 5 million.
The Esso Motor Hotel (built 1968) in Billund is bought and the name changed to Hotel Vis-a-Vis.

Selected Product News 1974
The LEGO family figures
Car and Caravan

A single new LEGO logo replaces the various logos that have been used until now. The new LEGO logo unifies all the company's products under one banner.
First sales to Eastern Europe (Hungary).
LEGO USA is established in Brookfield, Connecticut.
German psychologist Karin Grossmann writes the book "Mach mehr aus LEGO". It is a study of 200 children and their play with LEGO bricks.
LEGOLAND Sierkersdorf opens near Lübeck, Germany.

Selected Product News 1973
The London Bus
Doll's house units, together with furniture components

The license agreement with Samsonite ends in the US.
The Information & Public Relations department is established.
1,8 billion LEGO Bricks and other elements have been produced.
First sales to the Czech Republic.

Selected Product News 1972
4,4 V train (re-launch)

First sales to the Far East.
New moulding factory opens at Højmarksvej.

Selected Product News 1971
Doll house elements incl. furniture
The inspirational book "We play with LEGO®"

Almost 1000 employees in Billund.
First prototype of an adding machine arrives.

Selected Product News 1970
The coloured cogwheels
LEGO Impulse boxes (cars)