Man posing with a LEGO Build

Graeme Dymond

Based in Canada

Graeme Dymond’s kindergarten teacher asked him what his dream job was, and he said he wanted to play with LEGO Bricks! The well-meaning teacher told him that he needed to pick a more traditional profession - but Graeme stuck with his dream and has been building professionally since 2012.

In 2012 Graeme became Canada’s first LEGOLAND Master Model Builder before he decided to follow his dream and started his own studio: Dymond Bricks. Graeme started working as a freelance Brick Artist, Facilitator and Educator for companies big and small. Graeme and his team now help build the dreams of others across Canada and North America, bringing their brand visions to life through: realistic LEGO brick models and sculptures; engaging building performances and demonstrations at fairs, events, tradeshows, and corporate activations; and through LEGO Serious Play team building sessions designed to connect, share ideas, and unlock employee potential.