The Orient Express Train

Small parts.

An icon of world-class luxury travel, from the steam era to today

A paragon of French luxury and an engineering marvel for railway aficionados the world over, The Orient-Express has stoked imaginations for over 140 years. This new LEGO® Ideas model offers interpretations of the train’s most refined features, together with 8 new character minifigures – your ticket to endless play and display possibilities.

Pack your bags

Embark on a unique journey with The Orient Express Train.

Travel in style

Model includes locomotive, dining car and sleeping car.

Legendary details throughout

Engineering wonders that we've turned into LEGO® sets

“The Orient Express is the train of dreams with its magnificent carriages created by great craftsmen and designers.”

– Film director and LEGO® fan Thomas Lajon

On the right track with LEGO® trains

Find your seat on the next train to a station of your own imagination (mind the doors)! Build a world of LEGO® toy trains and tracks and redeem your ticket to endless brick adventures.
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