The Mushroom House

Small parts.

Minecraft™ fun at The Mushroom House

Kids’ Minecraft™ adventures combine with LEGO® brick creativity in this versatile, hands-on playset.
Creative builds for gamers

Authentic Minecraft™ action

Minecraft™ players aged 8 and up can take their enjoyment to the next level with this hands-on, 272-piece, feature-packed set.

The Mushroom House

Build, play and display

Kids have mega fun in and around The Mushroom House.

More to explore inside

Lift-off walls and roof allow access to interior features.

Authentic battle action

A skeleton spider jockey rampages through the scene!

Boost kids’ skills

This versatile playset is packed with developmental activities that build key skills as kids play.

Classic cast of characters

The set includes Minecraft™ favourite Alex, Mooshroom and a spider jockey, along with cool features and fun accessories.
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