Small parts.

Build your own orchid display

Enjoy a rewarding project for adults as you build a joyful and elegant orchid decor piece for your home or office.

Inspired by a real orchid

This true-to-life model has 5 leaves at the base and 2 wandering air roots to create an authentic display.


An elegant display piece

Measures over 39 cm (15 in.) high and has 608 pieces.

Style your display

Customise the stems, blooms, roots and leaves.

Great gift for adults

A stylish gift for adults who love home decor.

Let your creativity bloom

Relax and take your time with this rewarding construction project designed specifically for adult builders.

From the LEGO® Botanical Collection

This set is part of a collection of LEGO® building sets inspired by real-life plants and flowers.

Complete your collection with the rest of the LEGO® Botanical Collection!

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