Freight Train

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Premium-quality LEGO® City Freight Train set

LEGO® Powered Up train set with a locomotive, flatcar, open wagon, auto carrier, 2 EVs, a reach stacker and 6 minifigures.

A feature-rich train set

The remote-controlled train is loaded with authentic features and functions and comes with 33 track pieces and 6 minifigures.

Freight Train

LEGO® Powered Up technology

Operate with the remote control or LEGO® Powered Up app.

Cargo car

Flatcar with room for 2 cargo containers.

Double-deck auto carrier

Lower the upper deck to drive the 2 included EVs onboard.

Open wagon

Plenty of room for the included toy charging station.

Reach stacker

The reach stacker is perfect for loading up cargo.

Play-inspiring features

Includes 6 minifigures with accessories for fun role play.

On the right track with LEGO® trains

Find your seat on the next train to a station of your own imagination (mind the doors)! Build a world of LEGO® toy trains and tracks and redeem your ticket to endless brick adventures.
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