Creative Animal Drawer

Small parts.

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A room decor item that reflects kids’ passions

With this LEGO® DOTS kit, animal fans get a useful item to assemble, plus the freedom to express themselves endlessly.

Keep treasures safe in an easy-to-make treat

Kids can easily make this useful item, then decorate it with their favourite animal design to fit their mood or room.

Creative Animal Drawer

Limitless imaginative options

This LEGO® DOTS set offers a way to decorate kids’ spaces.

Created for self-expression

Kids can share their love of animals any way they like.

So many animals to create

Design different animals with a range of expressions.

Open-ended confidence booster

Inspiration builds kids’ creative and imagination skills.

Expressive art-and-design play

The included tiles offer kids loads of design options.

DOTS room decor for the win

The Cute Panda Tray kit (sold separately) adds to the fun.

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