Canal Houseboat

Small parts.

Welcome on board the eco-houseboat hangout

Retro-styled boat model lets kids who love nature imagine working with their friends to craft handmade products to sell.

Brimming with authentic details

Set comes with 4 mini-dolls, an animal figure and lots of accessories so imaginations can set sail on a wave of creative play.

Canal Houseboat

Easy-access interior

Deck is removable and boat’s side is hinged.

Vegetable garden

Friends can grow their own to sell on the stall.

Planet-caring play

Solar panel provides the power.

Project upcycle

Comes with paint and brushes for running repairs.

Cosy cabin

Friends hang out and game around the wood-burning stove.

Cooking up creative play

There’s lots of kit in the kitchen for making cupcakes.

For kids aged 7+ who care about the planet

Makes a great holiday gift or birthday present for boys and girls who are passionate about the environment.
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