Just Imagine with Jeremy

Jeremy Lim is a Demand Planning Manager in our New Zealand office. He believes there’s much more to his role than meets the eye - and that’s true for everyone that works here:

“Just Imagine being part of something bigger in your life, where you get to inspire and develop the builders of tomorrow - one brick at a time. That’s what working here has felt like to me - and that feels pretty good.


“One of the things I love about the LEGO Group is you don’t have to be perfect. Nobody expects you to know everything about every single aspect of what your role is about. The fun is in having to find out and explore. That’s the essential nature of play, right? Working with people you just know are always going to be there to support you matters too.

“We’re a very sharing organisation. We’re like a village. We have input into how the business does things and how we can do better at what we do. Having all these perspectives is a win-win. We learn and grow as individuals, which makes us stronger as a business.

“Before working here, my dream career would have been a role as a Lecturer or a Student Counsellor. This aligns with my passion for education and helping others. But I get to do that here and it gives me huge satisfaction. I coach, train, and support new team members all the time and having a positive impact on their growth and development is super-important to me.

“We’re a business that’s driven by innovation, so you have to keep learning and listening. There's always someone out there who has faced a similar problem and discovered a solution. It's then a matter of adapting that solution, understanding its impact, and identifying any barriers that may hinder our progress - which I guess really feeds into play.


“For me, play is about experimentation and it’s through experimentation that I’ve learnt the most and developed my own independent thoughts. That’s why it’s so important for the people who come to work for us to be curious problem solvers. People who like to find out. People who want to do so to achieve something important.

“Another thing to emphasise is the degree to which we all feel trusted. This is empowering, In my case it means having the freedom to make the decisions that I believe are best for the market or my role. We have a strong bond as a team; we’re ready to go the extra mile for one another. That makes me proud to work here.

“All of this has now been formally recognised. Both the LEGO Group and the Australia and New Zealand offices have been officially accredited Great Places To Work. It’s true, they are. That’s why I’m still here almost a decade after joining. But having this formally recognised by the accreditation, that means a lot. To all of us. It’s validating. It makes me feel as though we’ve built something important, together.”

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