Art, Interior Design & Music LEGO® Sets for Adults

Love Art? Music? Design? So do we! LEGO® Art Sets for Adults celebrate legends of Art, Design & Music from Elvis to Vincent van Gogh. These puzzles are the perfect way to relax and problem solve, all while adding a unique touch to your workspace or home decor.

Creativity unleashed

Bring your own unique piece of abstract art to life with this bold and beautiful LEGO® Art building set.

Express yourself

Your art. Your way

.null.Build a unique piece of art.

Create without rules
.null.Build a unique piece of art.

Some rules are meant to be broken

Delve into this article to discover the history of abstract art with top tips on how to create your own piece of original art.

Frame it

This all-in-one set includes a brick-built picture frame with a wall hook, helping you to hang your handiwork to take pride of place.

Enjoy the finer things in life

Fine art, finer design, mighty fine… rock n’ roll… Enjoy LEGO® sets for adults who like to celebrate the things that make our lives so special.

Unwind in style

Escape to our stunningly designed cabin that puts the outdoors into interior design.

Where free form meets brick form

Assemble the perfect ensemble with our all-grooving, all-bebopping, all-swinging Jazz Quartet!

Starry Night

Gaze into the details of this sparkling, Vincent van Gogh-inspired set.

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