The Best LEGO® Valentine’s Day Gifts
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The Best LEGO® Valentine’s Day Gifts

Valentine’s Day is a time to spend time with your loved ones and celebrate your bond. Whether it’s meaningful gifts or time spent together, everyone loves making the most of the day. 

With these great LEGO® sets, you can not only find something to give, but something to share – working together to build these great toys is sure to be an experience they won’t forget.

NEW LEGO® set – LEGO Valentine Lovebirds

Nothing says love quite like a pair of lovebirds. The perfect display kit for partners to share, the birds rest on a branch decorated with pink hearts and flowers alongside a big red heart to make it clear how much the two are in love. 

With 298 pieces, this makes for a great shared activity for two to spend time together building on Valentine’s Day and is a great set for showing off all year round.

LEGO® Valentine's Brown Bear

Cuddly toys are often the symbol of Valentine’s Day to many, and this one comes “bearing” a gorgeous red heart to show how much he cares. 

With posable arms and ears, you can set him up with different expressions for display around the home, and his picnic blanket is decorated with red, heart-shaped balloons and colourful flowers so he’s as ready for Valentine’s Day as you are.

LEGO® Roses

Roses are one of the traditional Valentine’s Day gifts given by boyfriends, girlfriends, husbands and wives alike – and what better type of rose than one that’ll never need watering and will last forever as a symbol of your relationship? 

The perfect surprise Valentine’s Day idea, the roses are made up of 120 pieces and are over 10 in. (26 cm) long, making them ideal for display in a vase. The two red blooms also match perfectly with other LEGO® flowers like Tulips (40461) or the Flower Bouquet (10280), so you can add a great splash of colour to your loved one’s home.

NEW LEGO® City Picnic in the Park

Create a cute romantic scene in the park with this picnic set. Load up the bike trailer with all the goodies and ride out to see the gardener as he gets to work laying out all the flowers.

Unpack the pizza and drinks, set everything out on the table, then watch the two cute squirrels scramble around the shady tree.

This set makes a great gift for kids or a small and sweet shared build to assemble with your partner.

LEGO® | Disney BrickHeadz™ Daisy Duck and Donald Duck

This iconic Disney couple has stood the test of time, and now their legacy of love can come home for Valentine’s Day. 

The two BrickHeadz™ characters are a great pair– they look perfect together and ready to take on the world. Daisy has a buildable bow and printed detail on her torso, while Donald has his classic sailor shirt, cap, and bow tie. Both come with a sturdy baseplate that makes them perfect for display. The perfect gift for Disney lovers!

NEW LEGO® Art – Art Project - Create Together

With 4,138 pieces, this highly configurable LEGO® set makes the ideal “date night” activity on Valentine’s Day. 

Choose one of the 36 projects from the manual and build it out with bricks from the buildable palette, then combine with eight other projects to make a gorgeous patchwork design that’s great for display – or work together to assemble a LEGO® spaceman minifigure portrait that uses the whole space! 

Want to keep going? There are images across food, patterns, icons and interests for you to choose. Put it together and take it apart to start over with a new look – the fun goes on and on!

LEGO® | Disney – Mini Disney Castle

Inspired by one of the most recognizable icons in the world, this LEGO® | Disney Mini Castle is the most magical gift for Valentine’s Day! 

Give the Disney fan in your life a memory of the Walt Disney World® Resort Cinderella’s Castle, with its pearly golden tower tops, blue rooftop cones, and even a vintage-style Mickey Mouse minifigure to hang out with. 

The set is made up of 567 pieces so it’s perfect for loved ones to build together.

NEW LEGO® Sunflowers

Flowers have long since been a sign of love, and sunflowers’ bright and colourful appearance makes for a unique gift on Valentine’s Day. 

The big yellow petals work great as a display on their own or you can combine this 191-piece set with other LEGO® flowers like Roses, Tulips, or the LEGO® Flower Bouquet to make a gorgeous and vibrant medley that you can show off throughout the year – it’s a stunning centrepiece, and the stems can be adjusted in length to fit a vase!

Valentine's Day 2023 is coming

Prepare now with gifts of love that are built to last.