Celebrating 25 Years of LEGO® Star Wars

Build the Galaxy: Celebrate 25 years of LEGO® Star Wars

Starting March 1st, we’re inviting fans across the galaxy to The 25-Second Film Festival, where you can submit your own film, recreating your top Star Wars™ moments or forging new ones with the sets and minifigures you treasure! What story will you tell?  

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How do I take part in The 25-Second Film Festival?

Want to add to the saga? It’s as easy as 1, 2, make-a-25-second-film, 4!

1. Check the rules (they’re on the link below)

2. Create your 25-second film (browse the tips below!)

3. Upload it here between March 1st and April 22nd.

4. Look out for an email to see if you’ve made it into the Festival!

Check out the rules

The films you’ve been looking for…

The 25-Second Film Festival is well and truly underway! Get inspired by the films LEGO® Star Wars™ fans, like you, are already submitting below.

R2 Dance Revolution

Do the robot!

Space Traffic

Never travel through space at rush hour.

Darth Faker

When you’ll do anything to protect your coffee break...

The Difficult Door

Not all doors are your friends.

Battle of the Shuttle

An epic battle takes to the sky.

Mando in Trouble

Mando’s in a tight spot.

  • Top Tips from Top Creators

    We asked some incredible creators for their advice on how to make films that are out of this galaxy. Swipe right to read them!
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How’d they do that?!

It wasn’t all Jedi mind tricks… at least… not that we know of… Discover the work that went on behind-the-scenes on two of our featured Festival films.

Go behind the scenes with... Picturesmith!

Greenscreens, plasticine and a hugely talented team!

Go behind the scenes with... A+C Studios!

How do you bring The Groove to one of the galaxy’s favorite droids?

Sounds of the Galaxy

The bad news: we can’t add films to the Festival that use unlicensed music and sound effects. The GOOD news: we’re providing some tunes for you to use in your film. Download them here! 

Get rewards – just for submitting!

No matter if your film becomes part of the Festival or not, you’ll unlock exclusive digital rewards just for submitting an entry.

“Now that’s a set I’ve not seen in a long time”

Make the jump through 25 years of LEGO Star Wars evolutions and revolutions, in this timeline of timelessness.

Our anniversary present… to you

Harnessing the unlimited power of… well… our designers… we’re releasing a big batch of special sets in our 25th year, including SIX special-edition LEGO Star Wars minifigures!

Darth Malak™
ARC Trooper Fives™
Saw Gerrera™
Coming soon
Coming soon
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